Spring, an affair of colors.

A big hello to the person reading this post, my first ever fashion one that too! I never thought that I would write about style, fashion and beauty. But here I am, taking a plunge into this side of fashion blogging.

Getting back to the blog post, this was completely photographed at Skagit Valley in Washington. The Tulip Festival is an annual thing, taking place the entire month of April over here. There are a few tulip gardens at Skagit Valley, but my husband and I visited one called Tulip Town. We walked around the streets for a bit, where we saw many colorful stalls selling clothes, paintings, jewelry and food. I even got to eat something which was on my wishlist- super sweet milk chocolate-covered strawberries at Shiskaberry’s!


The outfit I put together was pairing white with multicolored hues. You see, somehow I associate spring with lightness, which the color white represents. But spring is also about a burst of colors, inspiring a sense of cheeriness. And so I combined both these color schemes-

A white cotton top with lilac embroidery and bell sleeves, paired with multicolored geometric print leggings.


I love accessorizing, as they can add finishing touches to a look or sometimes even be the key part of an outfit. I wanted to add an ethnic flair to this look, and bring about a very feminine, bohemian effect. So I took to a pair of oxidized silver coin dangler earrings, and white kolhapuri flats for accessories.

A close up look at the earrings.

I had a blast not just being photographed by my awesome husband, but roaming around the streets and the tulip field too. I had my moments looking so demure while posing for the photos, but well, there were moments you would catch me doing super important things as well. Look below *cough*:

Reality: Look at me demolish a carrot cream cheese cupcake. So demure and poised. *NOT*

The husband and I strolled the tulip fields, where the weather was definitely on the colder side. I tried my hardest to pose hoodie-free, but I felt like my arms would fall off if I didn’t huddle inside the warm outerwear. Look at me below, standing with a huge smile, as if I wasn’t dying of the cold weather.

Lame jokes aside (if you can even call them that), the tulips were a sight to feast the eyes upon! I insisted on blogger-ish type pictures with me looking away from the camera broodingly, but the husband did not want me to look like I brought death with me to the valley of bright flowers. Besides, I look constipated when I pose that way.

No sarcastic captions here. But just look at them tulips. ❤

And so, I posed amidst the flowers quickly before a security guard could pull me away for daring to walking into the rows of tulips / trampling the delicate flowers with my giant-ass feet.

Me to husband: Take the photo quickly, before I’m taken away in handcuffs with a rudolph red nose!
So pretty! Also, I’m touching the dirty ground and I don’t have my hand sanitizer. The things I do for a good photo and love.

The above few paragraphs might not have been fashion related, but that’s how ya girl does blog posts. And just to add another element of reality, I’ll also include some pictures of how I only froze slightly in the cold with the hoodie on.


*Thinks I look cute af*
Oh well, I tried. 

And in case you’re wondering who is the poor soul being tortured to take my photos, here he is. Why, my cutie of a husband of course. (Who also deserves applause for being patient with me)



If you made it to the end of this post, I thank you with all my heart for taking time to do that. Peace out, until my next blog comes along and stirs things up.

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7 thoughts on “Spring, an affair of colors.”

    1. Thank you so much! I love your recipe posts! Especially the banana fritters one, it has me nostalgic and longing for my grandmother’s cooking. 🙂

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  1. hahaha bringing death to the valley of flowers made me laugh so hard!! Ah the weird poses bloggers are “supposed” to take 😛 you look absolutely adorable! Love love the entire outfit.. I have such a soft spot for indian/boho style. So glad you had a great time and I love all the cute happy and real pics so much 🙂 Have a wonderful rest of the week!
    Monika |


    1. Hey, thank you so much! So glad that you took time to actually read my blog post. 😁 And yeah, I’m trying to get a hang of posing. 😝 Have a great week as well! 😁

      Liked by 1 person

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