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5 Makeup Products I Can’t Live Without.

Hello to all reading this, I hope you’re having a great day so far! I like to begin my blog posts with some sort of story, any introduction really. It may help you get to know me better. (That is, if you’re interested :P) So here I go at it again.

I started dabbling with cosmetics about two years back, and started experimenting with anything other than an eyeliner and a lipstick. Since then, there has been no looking back and I’m in love with the way makeup makes me look and feel. Now, I own my own medium-sized makeup collection that I’m pretty happy with and might expand later on.

This post has been done to death by many bloggers, and I love reading what other people’s makeup favorites are. The five makeup items I am writing about here are some general product categories that I need and use the most.

Keeping the intro short and sweet, let’s jump right in!

NOTE: None of the product links are affiliate or sponsored.

BB Cream

I don’t somehow like using foundation because it feels and looks heavy. I am very comfortable with BB creams because they feel light, provide the right amount of coverage (I like light-medium coverage) and looks more natural than a foundation would.

The one pictured above is the E.L.F BB Cream with SPF 20 in the shade ‘nude’, perfect for my warm-medium skin tone. It is pretty moisturizing for my combination, dry skin type and does not accentuate any dry patches. I usually apply it with a flat top kabuki brush, and I would say it is light coverage. If you want to make your dark circles or blemishes disappear, you definitely would need a concealer to pair with this BB cream. 

PRICE: USD 6 on &

Compact powder/Pressed powder

I have been using this compact powder from Maybelline New York since last October, and I really like it! It’s available in India, but not here in the US. I bought it for a very affordable price and would miss this when it hits pan completely!

I use this pressed powder to set my BB cream in place, and sometimes just this powder on its own to brighten up my face. Which it does remarkably well, let me assure you! All my makeup junkies in India, you should definitely consider giving this a go. I’m in the shade ‘shell’, which has yellow undertones and would suit light-medium to medium warm skin tones.    

PRICE: INR 150 (USD 2.33)-


Ask any Indian girl what was the first ever makeup product she started using and fell in love with, and you bet the answer would be a kohl/kajal/eyeliner. The appeal of an eyeliner, especially the black one, is that it can add such smoldering elegance with just a single coat on your eyes. It can perk up a pair of tired looking eyes instantly, and who doesn’t like that?!

The eyeliner pictured above is the L’oreal infallible silkissime eyeliner pencil in the shade black ‘noir’. This is a very creamy, jet black kohl pencil which is also prone to transferring on the waterline. You may need to set it with a bit of black eyeshadow, but this one is a winner for me. I have used many kohl pencils, and this one makes it to the top 3 easily. If you look at the swatch, that is a pretty black swipe achieved with just one stroke. I use this very often, whenever I’m going out.

PRICE: USD 9.49 (on, USD 7.12 (on



“Oh mascara, what would I do without you?”, sings every girl with short and stubby eyelashes like me. Okay, even the ones blessed with long, fluttering lashes have heart eye emojis when it comes to mascaras. And rightfully so, because they create such a come hither, eyes-wide-open look in one go! (That rhymed, haha.)

I use Essence’s Lash Princess Volume Mascara, which has a pretty pink design on the tube. This particular mascara is wonderful, because it truly gives my lashes a va-va-voom effect. It lengthens and volumizes, but also clumps a little. (A girl’s gotta be honest!) The clumping can be fixed with a spoolie, to separate the lashes and bring out the definition to the max. It has a pretty regular wand, but the formula is a little thick and needs to be stored tightly closed in a cool place. I have been using this for about 4 months now and it still hasn’t expired. (Plus the tube is pretty big) I use a mascara every time I go for an outing, whether I use other makeup products or not. 

I would go back to this mascara once again, but not before I try some other ones I’m curious about. 

PRICE: USD 4.99 (on



If there is one makeup category of which I own multiple items, it’s a lipstick. I am a sucker for them, be it liquid or regular ole’ stick. I even like lip glosses, as well as regular and tinted lip balms. I own at least one of each, as I’m sure most girls who like makeup do. But there are two lip products I use very regularly, as pictured above- a lip balm and a lip cream.

I reach very often for the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes, which is a perfect MLBB (my lips but better) shade for my light-medium, warm skin tone. It is a muted mauve pink color, with a sort of light, moussey texture. It takes time to dry down but it is a good quality product. It is pretty pigmented, a little drying and will wear off if anything oily is eaten. But it feels comfortable to wear, and I can carry it to jazz up my look on the go.

PRICE: USD 5.99 (on

The other lip product I use often is a regular non-tinted lip balm I got during my haul. (which if you wanna read about, is here) It is a beeswax lip balm form the brand Rich On, which is supremely moisturizing! I use it daily, to keep my lips chap-free. I also use it underneath a matte lipstick to lock in some moisture and not turn them into the gates of dried-up hell. (Oh, I actually think I can joke) It has a glossy look on the lips, but not a thick layer by any means. I might finish this up in a few more days give or take, that’s how much I like it! Also, it costs like a dollar. What even.

PRICE: USD 1 (on


And so, we come to an end of this supposedly short post. (Whew!) Do tell me what your top 5 makeup products are, and/or any other suggestions. I would love to hear from you all. 🙂 Peace out, until my next blog post comes along and stirs things up.

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