And then, there was pink.

Before I even go on with the post, I have just one request- please don’t egg me for the title. I seriously tried playing with so many headlines, but they sounded like I was trying super hard. Keeping it simple, I just went with this one.

And now, let’s begin! A big hello to all reading this, I hope you’re having a great day so far. 🙂 Here in Seattle, the weather is unpredictable- one minute I’m basking in the warm sun and before I know it, rain drops start pitter-pattering around me.

Yesterday, it was surprisingly warm from morning to evening even though the weather prediction said otherwise. Small gifts from above, I guess. 🙂 My husband and I took advantage of this, and were off to Seattle Japanese Garden. This is the locale of this entire post.


Seattle Japanese Garden, you truly are a beauty! This place was lush, and the sun lit up the colorful variety of flora to its glory. And my bright outfit played to both the warm, feel-good weather and the pretty surroundings.


I wore a hot pink cotton long kurta, but as a dress instead. The A-line silhouette is what totally helped in carrying it off as a dress. And that woven belt braided in yellow, pink and orange hues helped add waist definition as well as perk up the outfit! It also has plastic flower buttons on the placket area, as well as a short collar.


I paired it with beige suede loafers, which were super comfortable and perfect for walking around. I’m not much of a heels person, because of my height (I’m 5’7) and I don’t know how to walk around much in them. Nude-colored shoes also give an illusion of longer legs, which I don’t mind in the least.


My accessories for this outfit- A rose gold watch and a pair of my trusty diamond stud earrings. I wanted all the attention on the vibrancy of my dress, and hence the accessories were kept understated.

From the photos, you will understand that I don’t even know that many poses. :p I just go with what I know, and I don’t do those brooding, serious poses well AT ALL.

So, here we go. I hope you like how I’ve styled the outfit. Because, I know for sure that y’all would definitely love the greenery. 😀

Sunshine and flowers, could nature BE any prettier? #imaginechandlersayingthat
A small japanese-style house tucked amidst the flowers.


Heart emoji. #1
Heart emoji. #2


Me, near the koi pond.
“Look, we’re pink buds!” Buds, flowers- get it? #lamepuns


Signature smile.
Trying to look all casual. Why am I such a fail in life.
A close-up look at my makeup. #motd

All photo credits go to my patient, Iphone-toting husbandman. Since I have nothing more to say, I finish this post right here. Do tell me whether you liked the outfit I wore, and your ideal #ootd for the warmer days ahead. 🙂 I would love to hear from you all. Peace out, until my next blog post comes along and stirs things up.



Shoes: (which is currently unavailable).

Watch: Gifted by husband, it’s a Fossil watch.


Bag (seen in some pictures):, search for bucket bag.

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