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Under $10- Review- Burt’s Bees Naturally Ageless Intensive Repairing Serum

Face serums, since last year, have become a staple in most people’s skincare regimen. I couldn’t understand what the hype was all about, and was not interested till recently. You see, my skin when in India, was on the oilier side. But once I moved here to Seattle, it has changed to combination-dry skin. This had led to dry patches along the sides of my nose and my cheeks. I wanted to change this situation and quench my skin’s thirst.

And so, I gave in- I bought a face serum from Burt’s Bees. Now let me tell you, there are so many amazing face serums and face oils out there. I thought I would purchase a vitamin C-hyaluronic acid serum combo, but read that it didn’t always workout well with sensitive skin. Which I have aplenty, by the way. We’re talking about skin so sensitive, that it gets splotchy red rashes when it comes in contact with slightest dust in the surroundings and polluted water.


Burt’s Bees, as a brand, has always interested me because they are made up of natural ingredients and seems fuss-free to me. I use their sensitive skin cleanser, which I like a lot. And so, I bought the naturally ageless intensive repairing serum which was under $10. I did not want to break the bank and buy something expensive, which I would toss if it didn’t work. Fortunately, that was not the case at all. This serum is magic in a bottle, and let me tell you why.

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SKIN TYPE: Oily in tropical climates (India). Combination-dry after I moved to Seattle.

SKIN CONCERNS: Dry patches on sides of my nose and cheeks, and dull skin.

HOW I USE IT: At night time, after washing my face with a cleanser and patting it dry. I gently massage a drop-sized portion of the serum into my face with my fingers in a circular motion.

TEXTURE: Light-weight, quickly gets absorbed into the skin.

FRAGRANCE: Mild, has a rosy herbal scent.

USING IT SINCE: April 29- three weeks so far.

PRICE: $9.25. You can buy it here.



  1. The Burt’s bees serum makes my skin feel plump, hydrated and smooth.
  2. It imparts a very youthful, natural glow to duller-looking skin, especially during colder seasons.
  3. It does not irritate my sensitive skin at all.
  4. I have blackhead and acne prone skin, which it has not caused at all despite my oily T-zone.
  5. Helps fade acne scars, albeit slowly over time.


  1. None, so far.

My premier concerns were to add moisture to parts of my parched skin and also push away the dullness, which this serum has been helping me with.

Below is my makeup-free face, with a close-up to show you the glow on my cheekbone after applying the Burt’s bees serum.

Do you incorporate face serums/face oils in your skincare routine as well? Any suggestions for my blog posts/guest blogging/collaborations? Do let me know, I would like to hear what you have to say. 🙂

I hope this review helped if you were looking to buy an inexpensive, good-quality face serum for your skincare regime. Peace out, until my next blog post comes along and stirs things up.


9 thoughts on “Under $10- Review- Burt’s Bees Naturally Ageless Intensive Repairing Serum”

    1. I have oiliness on my nose, chin and forehead. But this particular serum didn’t clog my skin in these areas, which I was afraid of as well! And thanks for reading my blog post! Will check yours out too. 🙂

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