My Five Go-To Lipsticks.


Lipsticks-one can never have enough of them, right?

I love them, and I think they are the only makeup item in my collection that I make use of the most. I have more than 10 lipsticks, but I still feel like I need to expand that section more!

On an average day spent out, I can be always be spotted wearing a lip color. They perk up my face and my outfit, and pull my whole look together. And which shade do I gravitate the most towards? Pinks and nudes, for sure.

None of the lip products I’m writing about are transfer-proof, just saying. But here are my five go-to lipsticks that I pick the most often to wear, and they are all from the drugstore!

Top to bottom- Lakme, Incolor, L’oreal, NYX & Essence.

The swatches might look a tad weird and messy, but hey, I tried! 😛

I have included two lip swatches for every lipstick- one indoors and one in natural sunlight. You can click and hover over the image to see which is which.

Skin undertone: Warm

Skin tone: Medium

(NOTE: There are no affiliate or sponsored links in this post.)

1. Essence Matt Matt Matt! Lipstick- 03 Wow Effect

This one applies creamy but dries down pretty fast into a powdery matte finish. I like the color, which I would describe on me as a mauvey-pink nude with purple undertones. I moisturize my lips with chapstick for a minute and then rub it away before applying this lipstick. This stays on my lips for about 3 hours before it starts fading. It does transfer when drinking or eating, but does not wear off completely.

PROS: Comfortable matte, very affordable price, good color pay-off.

CONS: Flimsy packaging prone to breaking, pilling on the lips when layered.

Buy it here.

2. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream-Cannes


This is by far by the most used lipstick in my collection, and I have finished up quite a lot of it. The lip cream formula feels mousse-like on application, and dries down to a soft matte finish after five minutes or so. The color looks coral nude on my lips indoors, but takes on a slightly pinker tone in sunlight. Either way, I love how flattering this looks on my skin! It stays put on lips for 4+ hours, and does transfer when I eat something oily.

PROS: Universally flattering lip color, lip wand is easy to use and contours the lips perfectly, decent staying power.

CONS: Can be a little drying, doesn’t apply very opaque after I’ve reached the end of the tube- needs layering.

Buy it here.

3. L’oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Star Pure Reds – Pure Brick


I was afraid of wearing red lipstick for the longest time, because I felt I would look clown-like. I did not know much then about choosing the right red lipstick for my skin tone, which I know now. So this year, I bought this red L’oreal lipstick from the star collection in the shade ‘Pure Brick’ by Aishwarya Rai. And also, have y’all seen the beauty queen that is her?! *heart eyes emoji*

Anyways, this is a warm toned, subtle red lipstick- perfect for me since it isn’t too bright. I’m still learning to wear bold lip shades, and until then, I’m going subtle. This lip color has brown-orange mixed undertones, and it can complement Asian skin beautifully. It sits as a satin matte finish, and is an apt daytime red. This lipstick is quite pricey for the Indian drugstore market, but I got it for half the price during a sale. It isn’t available in USA, but I think the Eva’s Red option is quite similar.

PROS: Comfortable to wear, opaque in a single swipe, non drying.

CONS: Transfers a lot, pricey for the Indian drugstore range.

Buy it here. (Indian website)

4. Incolor Cosmetics Matte Me – 427


I’m sure you looked at the tube and wondered, “wait, isn’t this is Sleek’s liquid lipstick?” The Incolor brand makes dupes of Sleek’s Matte Me, found aplenty in the Indian market where Sleek products aren’t available yet. The most famous shade is ‘Birthday Suit’ by Sleek and its corresponding 415 by Incolor (which I have as well). But the shade I want to talk about is 427, the most perfect nude for me. If I have to compare it to the original, I would say its a mix of ‘Petal’ and ‘Birthday Suit’. Shade 427 is a light brown-peach color, perfect for fairer, warm Asian skin tones and also suitable for medium, warm skin tones.

It applies watery but dries down matte within two minutes, and a powdery matte at that. Like any other liquid lipstick, applying lip balm underneath is the way to go. It stays put on the lips for 3+ hours easily without doing anything major, but does wipe away after eating oily food. A very similar shade/dupe available here in USA is Nyx’s Lip Lingerie-Ruffle Trim.

PROS: Affordability, availability in the Indian market, and opacity.

CONS: It is very drying, hence needing exfoliation and moisturizing.

Buy it here. (Indian website)

5. Lakme 9 to 5 Creaseless Creme Lip Color-Rosy Sunday


There’s a story behind this lipstick, since it is quite beloved to me. Just before my marriage, I went with my mom to buy it at Health & Glow, India’s version of Ulta. I used it during my wedding and fell in love with it. After my marriage, I was rocking it everytime I went out with my husband. But then I lost it soon, and even cried because it was pretty new. And so, I bought a replacement immediately. This was 6 and a half months back, and I still can’t get over this lipstick.

The odd thing about this lipstick is how it changes colors, in my eyes. I sometimes find that it looks like a dark pink on my lips, and sometimes it looks like a rosy terracotta color! In daylight, it looks subdued and I would say this is a darker nude shade. It applies and stays perfectly matte, but does need reapplication after every 3 hours. It doesn’t pass the food transfer test, but it does not completely wear off.

PROS: Universally flattering color, very opaque, affordable.

CONS: Needs reapplication every 3 hours, a little drying.

Buy it here. (Indian website)


And that, ladies and gentlemen, would happen to be my most used lipsticks. Which still aren’t close to even getting over, howwwww?! 😛 If you just finished reading 1000 words written about lipsticks in this post, I’m guessing you must really like me. 😛 Haha, just kidding.

What are your go-to lipsticks that you use the most? Do let me know in the comments below, I would like to know your thoughts. 🙂


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