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Shorts Are My Summer Anthem.

After coming here to the US, I’ve really started enjoying long weekend jaunts to nearby places. It’s like a mini vacation ever so frequently, without blowing a lot of money on travel.

Recently, I went to Montana with my husband and friends for the 4th of July long weekend. It was a road trip, and that should tell you how tiring yet fun it was! It was a four-day holiday, and travel from Washington to Montana took us 10 hours each to and fro. With music on blast in the car and fun conversation to boot, it was memorable bonding for us!

This particular post is centered at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming where we spent about half a day. The weather was pretty hot that day, touching the 32 degree celsius/90 degree fahrenheit mark. And when its hot outside, most of us know what outfit we would gravitate towards. And the winner quite obviously is..

Shorts. Denim, cotton or rayon- any fabric tailored into a pair of well-fitted shorts screams summer. Two classic colors that most women tend to pick for their shorts are- light or medium wash blue, and white. Out of these two shade options, I would definitely pick a medium-wash blue denim shorts any day because they easily pair with any colored top.

You can style them with a shirt, like this-

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Source- Pinterest

Or you can wear them with a tee, like this-

"Woke up in West Virginia" by ctrygrl1999 ❀ liked on Polyvore featuring Birkenstock, MICHAEL Michael Kors, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, H&M, NYX, NARS Cosmetics, Benefit and Forever 21
Source- Pinterest

The above two options are quite easy to recreate, but I wanted to put my own spin on this quintessential summer style. And here’s what I wore, for the hot day out at Yellowstone National Park:



I wore an almost knee-length medium-wash blue denim shorts with a frayed hem. I got it from H&M in Portland this February, and I picked it up for $3.50 along with a dress (that I’ve styled here)Β during a bombastic sale!



I paired it with a mustard off-the-shoulder top which I wore as a regular top, because I was already crazy tanned around my arms and didn’t want my shoulders to go the same route. This top is so loose and flowy, what with the flared sleeves and the soft, breathable cotton-chiffon mixed fabric. It has tiny floral prints all over and ends right at my lower abdomen (for reference, I’m 5’7).

I know that the picture shows my face surrounded in a white effect, but I edited it so because it was previously too shadowy.

I wanted the whole ensemble to look very casual, so I went with no jewellery other than my gold thaali/mangalsutra, a symbolic necklace that married women wear in India. I wore this grey sun hat with tan trimming I bought for the summers in Seattle, and it does uplift the outfit a bit, no? I sported a pair of cognac thong sandals, which was comfortable for walking around the park since there were no rough hiking paths. And you wouldn’t catch me dead without a pair of sunnies, because they keep me from getting headaches in the hot sun.


At Yellowstone National Park, there are a lot of geysers and springs that spout boiling hot water periodically. Walking along the paved pathways, there were a lot of photos taken of both the park’s specialties and also, me. πŸ˜› And guess who was behind the camera, snapping away patiently as always while I posed and posed endlessly? A 1000 points to you if your answer was my awesome husband, Mr AK. πŸ˜€

I’ve yapped enough, and I’m going to let the pictures do the talking. πŸ™‚





Mr. AK, spotted with a celebrity maybe? πŸ˜›
Shadow Play.



Worn out Nikes, just because I wanted my sandals to take a rest. πŸ˜›


Top- Ross Dress for Less (similar here)

Shorts- H&M (similar hereΒ and here)

Sandals- Target

Hat- FredMeyer

Sunglasses- Michael Kors


I hope all those reading this blog post liked it, because I enjoyed sifting through my memories and penning it. πŸ™‚ What did you guys do this long weekend, and what are your plans for the next one? Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be back soon. Till then, peace out. πŸ™‚


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