Summer Fashion for Women – Dressing In My Comfort Zone. 

This is a short post, with just two photos. I really liked how this outfit turned out in real life and in the photo. It is an easy and comfortable clothing combination to put together. The black skinny jeans keeps the legs looking longer and leaner. The blush colored top is made of the softest cotton, and feels very cozy. The cold shoulder cuts on the top is what adds some sass to the otherwise conventional clothing style. Pairing a cold shoulder top with skinny jeans was like staying in my comfort zone, but living on the edges of it. Sweet but tart, if that makes sense. (Am I describing clothes or dessert? You tell me. :P)

I kept the accessories simple and neutral- white strappy sandals and beige crossbody bag. And, that’s a wrap.


Top- Ross Dress for Less

Jeans- Kraus

Bag- T-shirt and Jeans

Sandals – Curfew


I hope you liked how this outfit was styled. 🙂 What’s your comfort zone clothes combination? Do let me know in the comments section. 😀

Until next time, peace out!

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