My Vintage Shoes Wishlist Ft FSJ Shoes.

The vintage era is so influential in fashion, as seen by the return of gingham prints, high waisted bottoms, retro mom jeans- to name a few. They were the pioneers of many fashion staples as we know them today, spanning clothes, shoes and accessories.

When we think of vintage fashion, we think of icons like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Marilyn Monroe. Vintage fashion, especially shoes, thrived on not just the elegant designs but more so on practicality. And the number of styles we see today- slingbacks, Mary Janes, oxfords, brogues, peeptoes, ghille shoes-are creations spawned from 1920s onwards.

The remnants from the fashionable past are still in circulation today, but with rarity. I, like many women, love certain vintage merchandise. I aspire to own a vintage shoe design more so, because styles like oxfords and brogues are right up my alley of comfort and functionality. So what happens when you want to try vintage shoes like me, but cannot get your hands on one? You go for vintage-inspired shoes, of course!

There are so many fun styles to dabble in, when it comes to vintage shoes. You have dainty, feminine styles as well as androgynous, boxy ones to pair with just about any dress, skirt or pant. I have recently been looking at FSJ Shoes, a website that sells women’s footwear in several styles. Vintage-inspired footwear is one such series that they carry, spanning flats, heels and boots.

FSJ shoe time

I am more of a practical person when it comes to footwear, and vintage shoes is no exception to this rule. Below, I list my top five vintage shoe picks from FSJ Shoes along with possible outfit combinations you can wear in modern life. Fusion done well, right?

NOTE: This post is sponsored by FSJ Shoes.

Vintage Mary Jane Heels/Vintage Flapper Shoes

Thought of ‘The Great Gastby’, didn’t you?

The 1920s saw the dawn of women clamoring for independence, and they completely flaunted it with their shiny sequinned dresses, short hair, red lips and of course, a plethora of vintage shoe styles! The Mary Jane, which is very popular even today, was a by-product of this era. This is one of the more comfortable heel styles, which is also very wearable because of its heel height.

I love this particular vintage Mary Jane heel, which looks vintage yet modern in style.

The heel height measures up to three inches, which is perfect for wearing to a regular work day, girls’ brunch or to a day party. And can we take a moment to appreciate the pretty nude color, which is hard to find in vintage shoes?!

These shoes would look good paired with full skirts, dress pants and even short skirts. I have created a modern minimalist-vintage mix with these vintage shoes below-


Simply chic by maha141193 on Polyvore featuring Nasty Gal 

The same style of vintage shoes come in different colors- this, this and this. I have created an outfit board below with another color, but the same shoe style.

Vintage-Modern. by maha141193 on Polyvore featuring Chicwish, modern and vintage

Buy the nude vintage Mary Jane heels here and the grey vintage shoes here.

Vintage Oxfords & Brogues

Oxford shoes are a fashion staple today, not limited to men’s racks anymore. Women wear them often too, with the most popular color being a tan pair. But did you know that these vintage shoes were worn for ornate and practical purposes throughout the 1920s and 1930s?

Oxford shoes are sturdy and comfortable for walking around, not to mention that they add a polished look to any outfit. I like this no-fuss, handsome-looking oxford vintage shoe pair.

Crafted in rich brown and navy shades, these vintage shoes shine at their best when paired with a midi skirt or culottes. Take a peek at this outfit below, which would look great paired with the above pictured vintage oxford shoes.

casual chic by maha141193 on Polyvore featuring Chicwish

I am totally crushing on these pair of vintage brogues, which are oh-so-girly!

They are fashioned in an off white-pale pink combination, and exude femininity in every angle. I could see myself wearing these on a shopping trip, walking downtown or in a garden full of flowers!

Untitled #7 by maha141193 on Polyvore

Buy the pink brogues here and the brown-navy oxford shoes here.

Vintage Two-Toned Heels

While the 1920s was all about that jazz, the 1930s toned it down and were more budget-conscious and practical. The oxford shoe was still dominant in this era, but it took upon a style evolution. They were fitted with different types of heel styles like cuban, military and spanish block heels for comfortable walking.

The two-toned color scheme was a fashion statement then, and when combined with lace-up oxford heels- we have a winner. I really like this particular vintage two-toned oxford heels, which is a neutral pair that would go with any outfit color.

You can wear these vintage shoes with an outfit combination like this one-

Untitled #8 by maha141193 on Polyvore featuring Lauren Ralph Lauren


Buy the vintage oxford heels here.

Vintage Ankle Strap Peep Toes

The era of 1940s ushered in ankle strap shoes, peep toes, slingbacks and slip-on pumps. Ankle strap vintage shoes were mostly donned as evening shoes, and were favored during the night for the sensuous appeal to the then-conservative era.

I like the pair of tan vintage shoe-inspired ankle strap heels below, which also has been crafted with a peep toe silhouette. The cut-out designs and the short, chunky heel also symbolize the 1940s shoe trend to the tee.

Ankle-strap peeptoes are one of the most popular shoe styles today, and can be worn for all occasions. For the perfect vintage look, they are best accessorized with a pin-up style vintage dress. Take a look below at two outfit combinations, one vintage and the other modern.

Untitled #9 by maha141193 on Polyvore featuring Saks Fifth Avenue


Untitled #10 by maha141193 on Polyvore featuring H&M

You can buy these vintage ankle-strap peeptoes here.

I’ve shared my pick of some vintage shoes I would like to try and get my hands on. And it looks like I know where I’ll be looking for them too.

Do you like vintage shoes and vintage fashion too? Do let me know what you think in the comments section below. Until next time, peace out. 🙂

NOTE: Research material was collected from



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