Stuck In a Rut.

“This is a common thing, it happens to most of us. Chill, you will eventually get it. For now, breathe..-”

“But what if it never happens? All I’ve been doing is searching for a month now. I’m trying to not lose hope. What is wrong with me? Am I not good enough? I only want a chance to prove myself, but I’m not even getting that bone thrown at me!”

The above dialogue exchange was from myself, to myself. I’m not insane, it was and is a persistent monologue in my head.

An itch that I don’t want to scratch, but I automatically gravitate towards.

That annoying thought that pops in my head every time I feel remotely peaceful. It keeps reminding me that there’s one area in my life I haven’t figured out yet.

By now, I’m sure you’ve figured out what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, well- it’s my career line.

I’m a writer who has been out-of-work since last year. I mean a full-time, 9-to-5, Monday-to-Friday churn. The last I was earning money, was by taking English and French tuition classes for a pair of twelve-year old twins in Chennai. I was having fun and making a quick buck, but that was not a long-term sustainable plan.

Flash forward to August 2017, where I obtained a permit to legally work in the United States. I was told my husband that not everyone is lucky enough to get this one easily, and I felt like I finished a marathon when I had it in hand. But a month later, here I stand, questioning my career path.

You see, I’ve never been bad at what I’ve done. In fact, I would laud myself openly on this one thing- I grasp and learn quick enough. I did well at my job as a reporter, securing many bylines on the way. Sparrows, paintings, weather changes, building collapses, theatre plays- no, I’m not muttering random words as if I’ve gone mad. I wrote about all of these, and more. I was doing fine, but I could see myself doing better as a creative writer than a reporter. I wanted to grow out of the reporter mold, expand my writing repertoire with more than reports. And so, I left the journalist’s path behind in search of greener pastures.

Then came the fashion content writer stint, which in retrospect, was the best suited job for me. I learnt the basics of garments from scratch- different fabrics, styles, patterns- and I fell in love with it. Then, I quit a year later because there was no further growth opportunity for me as a writer in the organization.

2016 was a year of nothingness for me, career-wise. I beat myself up now for this, because if I had worked for at least 6 months or more then, it would account for something now.

I do not know how damning an effect this has on my current career status, but I don’t feel so great about the gaping lack of experience. Is that the reason why I’ve been out there in the job market for a while now, with no callback yet?

I don’t know anyone in the content writing field, but I sure do wish someone could help me out by telling what I could possibly do to improve. I want to work, but maybe my short amount of experience (1.5 years) is not nearly enough to secure a good writing job.

I’m stuck in a rut, and I have nowhere to go.

Are there any content writers out there who can help me out? If you can, please do reply below.

Thank you.



3 thoughts on “Stuck In a Rut.

  1. keep working hard on your writing to have good examples to show employers. one month is nothing when searching for a career, some people spend years, so stay positive! creative jobs are hard to come by and harder to hold on to but if you stay focused and reach out to people in your area that can help you via email, i know you’ll find what you want! also remember that you spend so much time at work that your personality is almost more important than your experience. if your interviewer and coworkers enjoy your company, you’ll for sure get the job! hope for the best, stay positive!

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  2. Baby love… Something will definitely come your way, be patient and stop looking for it so desperately… It will come to you in time… I don’t think so… But I know so! You are much more talented and expressive than I am… Try Associate Press or Readers Digest for now… You can cover so much.

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