My Favorites, This September

These five recent favorites are some things I have come to enjoy using since the last few weeks. There are three beauty products and two clothing items, which have gotten a lot of wear for a while now. And I definitely do not see myself stopping my using them along the way too.

Well, let’s see what I’ve been digging.

Fragrance Mist by The Body Shop


This particular fragrance line, ‘Atlas Mountain Rose’, is so beautiful that I got three products from it. The mist is one among the three, and I have been wearing it whenever I go out. It has an earthy rose scent, not a flat-out nauseating floral-sweetness. It is very lightweight, absorbs quickly into the skin and lingers for more than 3 hours easily. Yes, I did just sniff my pulse point to see if what I write is indeed authentic. πŸ˜‰

I think this is one of the fragrances that is suitable to all seasons, but would especially work its magic during the summer to fall transition. Why? Because it’s ever so light, crisp and has a certain dewy and cool underlying note to it.

You can buy it here.

MAC Satin Lipstick

IMG_20170925_105433190Β IMG_20170925_105606539Β IMG_20170925_105939733

Now, I have quite a lot of lipsticks in my stash and never seem to tire of buying a new one or two. This MAC lipstick craze was a recent one, wherein I wanted to own at least one nude from the range and cherish it. I went to the MAC counter and asked the sales assistant for help. She did pick the famous Velvet Teddy out for me, but I felt it looked like cool-toned greige against my skin. I favor nudes with a warmer undertone, and a comfortable matte finish. I didn’t like the matte range all that much, as they tugged against my lips and looked hella patchy.

Then, my eyes fell on the perfect shade-Twig. It is a satin finish lipstick, but does have a touch of the matte effect. It does transfer, yes, as I saw when I drank a Starbucks drink. *Could I soundΒ more like a white girl, even though I’m brown? Also, sorry if that was offensive.* But the texture, feel and the shade for my medium, warm-toned skin is just *makes heart eyes* perfection! It is a muted, warm pink-brown nude, and sits so comfortable on my lips. My lips look smooth and the pigmentation glides on pretty darn good- no tugging like their matte counterpart.

It is not cruelty-free, which is a pity considering how popular this brand is and how they can afford to make that switch. I do feel a little guilty because of that bit, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to stop using it. If you’re similar to me in coloring, you should think of giving this one a shot.

Buy the lipstick here.

Essie’s Nail Care

IMG_20170925_110706Β IMG_20170925_110608430

My nails have seen so much trauma for years, all self-inflicted. I have dressed them up in all the colors under the spectrum, and they have weakened over time. The reason for this being that I would previously apply the nail polish as is, without a base coat and go about. Only recently did I start using a base coat, i.e, this one from Essie. It is a three-in-one nail product- base coat, top coat and nail strengthener. Multipurpose products are efficient and space-saving, yup, even if it is just an inch or five.

I use it underneath my nail paint, as a finishing coat and these days, as a simple nail protector. It has a glossy finish, which looks very neat on bare, clean and filed nails. I am digging this minimalist look on my nails, and I feel like my nails can breathe a little too.

Buy this nail coat here.

Striped Tee


This girl’s best clothing friend, is a striped tee. I like how versatile a piece it is- you can pretty much wear it with shorts like I did here, skinny/boyfriend/straight/bootcut/any friggin’ cut, skirts, tailored pants, joggers, harem pants.. you get the picture, don’t cha? πŸ˜›

I am in love with my black-and-white Tommy Hilfiger striped tee. *such branded, much wow* I have worn it so, so, SO many times now that I’ve truly lost count. It is made of this uber-soft cotton that retains its shape even after several machine washes, and has not pilled in the slightest yet. You don’t have to be pretend-boujee like me and snag a branded tee. But a striped tee, you must have. It will take you through bad days, good days, bloated days, fitter days, several seasons, life and death altogether.

You can get something similar like this or this. If you’re all about that sustainable life, this one seems good to go.

Black leggings, the life (and a$$) saver


Crass language, I know. But I’ve got a bit of the bad girl in me too. πŸ˜‰ This black leggings is nothing fancy, and is a non-branded pair I got in India. But gpoy- it is seriously time-withstanding! I mean, this one has been worn to death by me. I’ve been donning these black leggings since April this year, and have not given it much rest. I wore them with a long and loose tee, a fitted tee, tunics, shirts and even a tank top. They give my legs a toned and thinner look, which is something I’m trying to actively work towards.

Just a few ways to wear a pair of black leggings in all seasons-

  • Worn in spring with a tunic, cardigan and ballet flats
  • Worn in summer with a t-shirt and sandals
  • Worn in fall with a tee, a hoodie/bomber jacket and sneakers
  • Worn in winter with a parka and thick combat boots

Convinced yet? If yes, do consider this pair here.

If you’re not yet convinced, wait.. what? Seriously try one, and you’ll give your jeans a rest for a bit.


Well, those are some of my recent favorites. What are some of yours? Do chat with me in the comments section below, because I’d love to know! πŸ˜€

Until next time, see you!


13 thoughts on “My Favorites, This September

  1. I’m brown too 😊 and i LOVE twig!!! It is my favorite β€œmy lips but a whole lot juicier” shade! If you like matte shades, Mehr by MAC is very similar, just matte. But Twig is more comfortable and less drying. 😁

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