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Get To Know Me- The Face Behind This Blog

Nobody nominated me to do this post, but I’m doing it anyway. πŸ˜› So then, why am I doing this tag? And it is because-

a. I am a bit of a narcissist.

b. I want you guys to get to know me better as a person.

c. I’m trying to be regular with my content, including writing about personal topics.

So, here are 10 facts about Mahalakshmi, the girl behind Melange of Words. (Gosh, I sound so conceited here, but anywhooo. :P) I have jotted down stuff that are a little quirky, something that might give the person reading this (if anyone ever does that, thank you!) a quick perception of me.

#1- IΒ  have the biggest sweet tooth ever. I can forsake chips, fries, pizza, pasta and all that fried jazz. But if you offer me a cookie, cake, chocolate, sweet or ice cream, this is me-


Enter aCourtesy- caption

I’m most probably going to take it from you in a jiffy. And before you know it, you might see that half of the plate has vanished. And we all know who is responsible for that. *sheepish face*


#2- I have a hard time being in touch with people, friends and family included. I can very easily not communicate with a friend for over a month, go MIA. And then, when the other person starts questioning if I’m alive, lost my phone or super mad at them- I do reply. Not the best way to maintain relationships, but I’m trying to kick this habit.

#3- I hate lemongrass, kefir, galangal and anything lime-flavored in my savory food. I actually get physically nauseous, and have sent back dishes quite a few times in a few restaurants. This is one reason why I don’t like Thai food, especially the curries.

#4– I am a forgetful, FORGETFUL person. There are so many examples I could give for this fact, but let me tell you one that happened just yesterday. My husband told me to switch off the lights in a room and then carry on doing whatever I was up to. I nodded my head at the moment, but immediately my brain somehow vaporized this information. And then when he got rightfully mad at me half an hour later, I looked puzzled for a few seconds. And then, this is my face as I realized why-

Image result for joey understanding gif

#5- I have to mindfully practice looking at a person’s face when I’m having a conversation. Err, you’d think, what does that even mean? I have a problem of looking up at the ceiling when conversing, and I’ve been made fun of many times for this. Now, my presence of mind (and eyes) is on looking at someone full in the face, into their eyes when I’m talking. Yes, even during an interview- I will look into their eyes and talk. Sorry to all those I might have creeped out unconsciously in doing so.

#6- I am obsessive with my body image. I will count calories and macro-nutrients to the closest degree, driving anyone around me mad at times (myself included). I know this isn’t the best habit to live by, but I’ve been this way ever since my major weight loss a few years back. I can go rambo on my own ass if I’ve gained even a kilogram or two, and will work my mind and bum off. But, that doesn’t stop me from eating cheat meals every week. πŸ˜›

#7- I am also a little obsessive-compulsive when it comes to bathroom doors being left open. It should be closed at all times, when I’m in the room that is.

#8- I am a messy eater when it comes to eating chocolates, wafers and oreos. There is a method to my messiness, and here is how it goes- I like to first nibble at all the sides, then separate the top and bottom layers, eat the cream bit and finally eat the plain wafer/biscuit part. Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this.

#9- I can sing pretty well, if I may so myself without sounding pompous. I have sung in the school choir and participated in singing competitions when I was about 12 years old. These days, I just hum songs while going about my day. I don’t just sing the lyrics, but also make the background beat noises. Which makes my husband laugh, but hey, that’s me. πŸ˜›

#10- I am quite indecisive. Menus, careers, clothes- I need to overthink in order to make a choice. When I decide to buy a top at a store, I take almost an hour at times to decide between two options. My husband would find me staring with concentration at my laptop for hours, thinking I’m doing something productive. But no, that’s just me researching where to eat out on a weekend.

With that, I have given you a peek at who I am and rating my normality on a scale of 1 to 10. I think I lean towards a high 9, and I’m proud of that. #sorrynotsorry #didthatevenmakesense

I am too shy to ask anyone here to do this tag, but I would love a few facts about you in the comments or even on your blog. So, anyone and everyone is nominated! Do send me a link to your post if you do so, I promise I will read it. πŸ™‚

Thanks for enduring this long post, and I will be back again very soon.


11 thoughts on “Get To Know Me- The Face Behind This Blog”

  1. Hey, nice to see this post. I got to know you through Coursera. I am a content writer at Chennai. I am still finding out ways to monetise my blogs. I have written something similar titled, 25 Random Things. It was viral on Facebook in 2007 and then I re-wrote it during 2016. Not sure, where I posted it, will leave a comment soon.
    BTW, I am really inspired by this post:
    I am overweight and battling fat forever now. If it is going to take diet and just Surya namaskars I am willing to try them out from today.
    Let me see if I can journal it.
    Love your vegan dish ideas as well.Kudos!

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    1. Thank you so much! Body image is an issue for me even today, and I’m trying to cultivate a more positive approach towards it. It’s hard, the mental battle especially, and it can be so draining to know that I am never satisfied with where I am. But I guess, at some point, letting that mental baggage go is going to happen. Also, life is too short to deprive ourselves of somethings we like to eat (and being lazy too 😜). Weight loss and the aftermath is a lifelong process, I’ve learnt. It gets a little easier with time. πŸ™‚

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  2. I love clouds and the wind especially when it is about to rain. The moment when the clouds are all grey and do not drizzle yet.

    (I still love them)

    I love the color grey and I love black. I love Blues music. I usually dress up like an emo. I love to stay in the dark. I love dark poetry and I write a lot of it. I love to read continuously with out breaks, usually by sacrificing my sleep .

    (I am still the same, except that I have started to like a lot of colors, experiment with different genre of music. I write a lot of humorous articles and I still read. Ps: I don’t dress up like an emo! That was embarrassing!)

    I think a lot and that could get too far fetched and weird. I love coffee and music and behave like I am literally stoned.

    ( Yes, totally!)

    I am easily irritable. I get bored easily. I have mood fluctuations and I am a typical Gemini. I have many facets so, I am a shocker to many people.

    ( Yep! No surprises there. still predictably, unpredictable)

    I have a perverted sarcasm. :p

    (tee hee :p)

    I have music in my blood. I am addicted to it.I relate everything to music and lately I am loving metal, thanks to all the punks! \m/

    ( yes ! yes! Well, I now trip on classical contemporary! Imagine that!)

    I want to do social activism and also want to be a feminist. I am agnostic more inclined towards atheism and I sometimes become a semi- atheist.

    (Hahaha, feminist! I surely do not want to be a Pseudo-Feminist. I believe in respecting all genders. I am a full blown theist now.)

    I have the habit of saving some kind of souvenirs of people who affect me significantly.I am possessive about them.The souvenirs are mostly trash than gifts. Because I tend to lose cards or gifts most often.

    (I do not do that anymore. I find my personality disturbing :p)

    I love bikes, I like to have long rides. I love giant machinery and I love architecture. I want to travel around the world. I love planes but phobic to get near them.

    ( Well I am not phobic to planes. I still want to travel the world)

    I am phobic to pregnancy but I am obsessed about babies and kids. I love all kinds of baby animals !:) I like to watch the crabs on the beaches and I love the beach.

    (Still true!)

    I am addicted to coffee and tea. I love passive smoking. When I walk on the road and if someone smokes near me, I take a huge deep breath.I know it is disgusting but it calms my senses.

    (I am still addicted to coffee and tea and banned from smoking in any way whatsoever. Includes hot-water-smoke-inhalation during flu season, haha!)

    I have a lot of deja-vu and I can predict a deju-vu like exactly 5 or 6 seconds before I have one.I love parapsychology and would like to research on it.

    (Well I still do. I have also had clairvoyance and telesthesia and unconscious astral projections)

    I love Chennai, Pondicherry and Mumbai.I am obsessed with Rome.

    (Well, I am obsessed with a lot of places)

    I am a nocturnal. I have insomnia & hypersomnia in cycles.. I can sleep for more than 14 hours straight.I oversleep a lot and I miss my classes only because of that.I m a dysthymic depressed person.

    ( Wow, still true)

    I want to trek, para-glide. Do adventurous and risky stuff to risk my life.I always have this urge to fall off from some mountain.I want to touch snow.I want a small cabin in a forest and live all by myself there for a week, with a pond nearby .

    ( Very disturbing, yet true)

    I always wonder why I am in this planet and I try to give my own weird reasons for it.

    ( Existential crisis)

    I love to do abstract thinking and abstract talk to people. The weirder they get, my attraction for them increases.I am also attracted to certain people and share some kind of weird connection with them. I would love to be in touch with them though they scorn me off.

    (I am a very weird person. I would not want to be friends with myself)

    I like to eat some chocolates in a specific manner.I still eat them in those specific ways. especially Ferrero Rocher. I love ice creams and I am crazy about them. I love dark rum too.

    (Chocolates and ice cream never get old!. I am totally anti-liquor now!)

    I love tennis and basketball. I love wrestling. I would love to be an athlete but I am not one.

    (He he I love sports like sleep these days!)

    I am a rapper and a bathroom singer.

    ( Just bathroom singer. Only that!)

    I feel everything is based on probability. I am always confused. Being confused is my normal state. I freak out if I am either too clear or totally not clear about things.

    (Again, the weird me speaking!)

    I love platinum.I am very lazy and I hate to work sometimes.I want to regress back to childhood once again.All i want to do is eat and sleep.

    (Hmm.I should see a therapist. Not kidding about the platinum, though!)

    I am impulsive. I like to observe things and people.

    (Stay away from me, I am stalker :p)

    I am very clumsy. I am an optimistic pessimist

    (I am very clumsy and I am a realist)

    I am confident that nobody is going read what I’ve written so I have written all the crap about myself. Yeww! I am getting grossed out looking at them myself! πŸ˜€ Right now I am too jobless .I want a cup of strong coffee and smooch someone!!! πŸ˜‰

    People, do not disown me.My account was hacked!:(

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    1. Those facts are so interesting! In fact, I can relate to the impulsive, confused and chocolate loving parts! 😁 I am a little weird too, with a hyperactive imagination. πŸ™„ Chennai is my home too, and my most favorite place to be. πŸ™‚ Omg, I also experience those deja vu moments. A glitch in the matrix, maybe? I really liked reading your offbeat facts. 😁

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      1. Thank you. I am a Tamil Iyer girl from Chennai (may be that explains why I am vegetarian and want to be a vegan soon). Or it is just that I am averse to dairy products or meat. Studied Psychology and Social work..tried my hands at various professions and now I am a content writer/copywriter and marketer at a digital marketing firm. Do you freelance? I wanted to start off a blog business, sit at home, and enjoy my work, I know that is just too much to ask. πŸ˜€

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      2. Hi Maha,
        Sorry, I guess my question was not clear. I merely wanted to know if you do freelance or run the blog full-time. I am looking at freelance opportunities myself so I will be unable to offer you one..:D
        But it is always nice to know someone else you is fighting a similar battle alongside you. Moral support, you see!


  3. Hey, I received your message and just want to say thank you!! I cannot believe how much we have in common. I have a huge sweet-tooth, I used to always look up at ceilings etc when talking to people, I am really indecisive at times and I am really funny about doors as well. I hate when they are left open. This is a great tag. x

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