My Go-To, Minimalist Fall Look.

This is my first fall season experience in my life, and am I anticipating it! It has been just a few months since I came to Seattle, and I am acclimatizing myself to colder temperatures.

I am a creature of comfort, and would gladly forsake high street fashion trends if it means I can keep myself warm. But nobody ever wants to be caught badly dressed, even in the dead cold, right? And since I am very particular about my physical appearance, dressing well is an important factor.

While looking into Pinterest for fall fashion inspiration, I saw toned women in beautiful layers, heeled ankle booties and classy designer bags going somewhere with purpose. I don’t have the inclination to wear heeled boots, nor do I possess an expensive designer bag. I decided to borrow tid-bits of looks from here and there, and style it with a certain guideline. And with my recent preference for the minimalist fashion style, I kept it completely within that theme.

This is the breakdown of that guideline-

  • Basic and repeatable individual pieces.
  • Can be easily created and suits all body types.
  • Worn all day long and walk miles in comfort.
  • Warm and cozy without looking like a lump.

Without further chit-chat, let me show you my minimalist, go-to fall look.

img_0198As you can see from the photograph, it was a very rainy day and I wanted to bundle up. And since I was going out, I decided to match the cold weather vibes with a deep color-tone outfit. This is a head-to-toe wine hue dominant look, with white coming a close second and contrasted by a pop of blue.


A wine-colored long and loose heavy knitted cardigan, with buttons and rolled wrist cuffs. It is seriously perfect for fall, and has kept me warm and snuggly from 2 PM rainy days to a chilly midnight. Get the wine cardigan here.


img_0200A long, burgundy-and-bone white striped tee, of which I had my doubts when I purchased it recently. The reviews on the website said that the material was a thin cotton fabric, but it isn’t as thin as I expected. It is not see-through, feels like second skin and is the right length for my 5’7″ torso. My only suggestion, if you’re considering buying this tee, is to size down as it is pretty loose for me. But hey, it is super comfortable and looks ‘French woman-slouchy but chic’. And that to me, is a win-win. Get the long sleeve striped tee here. img_0208A perfect pair of mid-wash blue skinny jeans, my always-and-forever closet staple. I don’t do boyfriend jeans, flared jeans, straight jeans and the like- it’s skinny jeans forever for me. And this particular pair, oh my-I’m in love! They fit so well, are form-flattering, don’t shrink after a machine wash and withstand the cold. What else do I need? These have been on repeat ever since last month. Get the blue skinny jeans-‘la vie’ here.img_0210My trusty white Adidas sneakers, that have been my feet’s best friend for the last few months. I have walked through winter, spring, summer and now fall in these shoes. And they still don’t look worn out! These are the most versatile pair of shoes to style- they go with jeans and a tee, jeans and a blazer, tee and midi skirt, t-shirt dress, chinos and tee, a shirt and jeans.. I think you get the picture. And Pinterest is in love with these white, practical beauties too. If you search ‘white Adidas sneakers outfit’, you will be amazed by the different ways to pair them with your clothes. Get the white sneakers here. #whitesneakersforthewin


I carried a medium-sized white and tan color-blocked crossbody bag. The bag is spacious enough to carry a long wallet, a lipstick, a mobile phone and a small snack. I also wore a pair of silver hoop earrings (similar), and it really did add a soft touch of femininity to the outfit. Get the

I wanted my makeup to be bold and brooding, and we all know which is the best way to play that up with-lipstick. I plan to do a separate post on the makeup look itself, so watch out for that one. 😉

A brood free picture, because I look better when I smile. ^_^

I hope you liked the basic and easy outfit look I put together! I definitely want to see what you all are wearing for the colder seasons ahead. So do let me know what you think in the comments below! See you soon. 🙂



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