5 Multipurpose Beauty Products I Own

Recently, my affinity for multipurpose products has grown to quite an extent. I didn’t care much about this multipurpose aspect to products until about a month ago, when I started reading more about minimalism. Now, I am by no means a minimalist- I just like the concept of owning less, but valuable things in life. I am trying to incorporate the principle behind it by getting the most out of what I have, and I’m quite liking it.

I own my fair share of beauty products, which I categorize as skincare, makeup and hair care. I dug through my stash to come up with five multipurpose beauty products I own and have gotten a good use out of. They have been with me since last year, and I see myself using them even further. The best part about these items is that they are all super affordable, and I mean it- under $15! So without breaking the bank, I have been surfing along the multipurpose bandwagon.

Here are the showstoppers I am talking about:

1) NYX Whipped Lip & Cheek Souffle-

As the name of the product says, it moonlights as a lip cream and a cream blush. The shade I have is called ‘Berry Tea’, and it is a bright fuchsia pink.

The formulation of this lip and cheek product is a thick mousse, which goes on smooth. It has a velvet finish and is transfer-proof, but not very drying. I don’t see it dry down, ever, unlike its sister ‘soft matte lip cream’ range.

If you expect the pigmentation of a lipstick, think twice. This whipped product requires layering at least twice to get some opacity, and I used my finger to blend it on my lips and cheeks for an even finish. I believe you can use it on the eyelids too, if you want a sheer wash of pink to liven things up.

I would say this is a decent product, but it isn’t a repurchase for me.

What to use as: Lips, cheek and blushed eye makeup.

You can buy the lip and cheek cream here.

2) NYX Liquid Illuminator-


Forgive me father, for I have sinned. I confess to not being a fan of.. powder highlighters! Yep, you heard that right. The ones I have tried so far look like unblended glitter chunks and bring out the texture of my skin so weirdly. But that glow life has its own gravitational pull, amirite?


I bought this liquid highlighter, hoping to add some luster to my makeup routine and give them cheekbones their own spotlight. And I’m happy to report that it works!

I use the shade ‘Gleam’, which to me appears a copper rose hue. I dab a wee bit on my finger, warm it up by rubbing it against the back of my hand and then apply it. I use it as a highlighter and as a subtle eye-gloss color.

It isn’t the most poppin’ highlighter, as kids these days refer to glow-giving products as. (As if I’m a 90-year old granny. Huh.)  But it is a dewy, natural-looking highlight suited for a “the sun sets inside my bowels and shines out through my cheekbones” look.

What to use as: Highlighter and natural-looking cream eyeshadow.

You can buy the liquid highlighter here.

3) Maybelline ‘The Nudes’ Eyeshadow Palette-

This eyeshadow landed in my greedy hands as a request from me to my fiancé-turned-husband for our wedding. I didn’t hire a makeup artist for the ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ occasion, because it costs an arm and leg to cake my face to the gods. My cousin sister and I decided to work on ‘pretty face beat’ ourselves, and this palette was a lifesaver.

Eyebrow on the right filled in.

It comes with shimmer and matte shades, all neutral and pairable with any outfit color combination. A safety net for bridal and festive makeup, as you cannot wrong with these colors.

I exclusively used the bronze and golden shimmer shades for my eyelids on both of my wedding days. For my filling in my eyebrows, my sister used the cool-toned dark brown swatched in the photo. And you know what, they wore well for a long time and photographed pretty well. I didn’t use eyeshadow primer or concealer, just patted the shimmers on my lids. I also use the matte black shadow, which isn’t pigmented at all in the hand swatch but shows up on the eyes, for a lived-in liner look.

What to use as: Brow powder, smoked liner and eyeshadow.

You can buy the eyeshadow palette here.

4) Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel-

I have been using this particular Indian brand of aloe vera gel, which has grown popular in the past two years. I love using this product during the summers, when I want to add lightweight moisture to my skincare. A small pea drop size of aloe vera gel is all I need for my face. It is smooth and absorbs quickly into my skin, leaving a refreshing cooling sense behind.

I have also used Patanjali’s aloe vera gel as a moisturizer cum makeup primer, and it seriously does a great double-duty job here!

I have in fact even used it twice or thrice as a leave-in hair conditioner post shower, and it was not greasy or sticky at all! Just remember to use it on toweled but damp hair, and it will help lock some moisture in.

What to use as: Moisturizer, as a makeup primer and post-shower leave-in hair treatment.

You can buy the aloe vera gel here.

5) Vaseline Petroleum Jelly-



It has been around for years now, and many beauty gurus on YouTube swear by the cult product! I totally get the hype, and I am definitely repurchasing this when I run out of it! I use the balmy Vaseline on my lips as a lip balm during winters, when no chapstick matches to its thick texture and moisturizing goodness.

Secondly, I use Vaseline as a blinding highlighter, without the texture that powder highlighters kick up on my poor cheekbones. It really gives a high-beam glow, and is perfect even for that coveted glossy eye editorial look that off-duty models pull off so well. Only difference is that you’d be shelling less than five bucks to get the glow.

Finally, I have been using Vaseline for almost two years now to remove eye and lip makeup. Even the most stubborn mascara and indomitable liquid lipstick melts under Vaseline and comes off painlessly. Say goodbye to raccoon eye-mornings and ragged lips, Vaseline’s here.

What to use as: Lip balm, highlight and eye + lip makeup remover.

You can buy Vaseline here.

And here is an overall look with almost all products listed above (except the aloe vera gel and NYX illuminator):

What’s on my face-Maybelline eyeshadow, NYX lip and cheek, Vaseline as a highlighter.

NOTE: None of the products mentioned have affiliate links. All views are completely my own.

Those are five multipurpose beauty products that I use as often as I can, and I don’t see myself quitting on them anytime soon. What about you-do you have any favorites in your stash that you use for double or triple duty stuff? Do let me know in the comments section below, I really want to know what you guys use!

Until next time, see you soon. 😊

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