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What’s In My Bag? Read On.

Is it just me, or do you guys also like watching ‘what’s in my bag?’ videos on YouTube or reading about them on other’s blogs? I just like knowing the random stuff that people lug around when they’re out and about, the things they reach out for with an immense need.

When it comes to my own bag, I rotate them based on my outfit and the place I’m carrying it to. This time around, I have been using my Guess crossbody bag for almost a month now. And I’m really liking how spacious it is for a small to medium sized bag. Originally, it comes with a shorter white strap but I swapped it for a chain sling.


I don’t like carrying much in my crossbody bag, because I don’t want to cramp it to the brim with stuff “I might need”. Nope, I only carry stuff that I will definitely need. And then there’s the odd receipts floating in, which I remember to trash every now and then.

Now, let’s jump in to see what I carry most of the time in my bag.


  • Wallet

“Well, duh”, is what any person would obviously say to this item. And I couldn’t agree more, because where else am I going to carry my stack of cards? And I mean it, I have quite a few of those. I have my credit card, my health insurance card, my library card, my driver’s license from India, and some *cough* shopping related cards. These, for me, are from Ulta, Sephora, The Body Shop, and Godiva.

In the back compartment of my wallet, I carry some coins in case I need them for public transportation. I also have my own passport photos and a photo of an Indian God, because otherwise my grandmother will admonish me (for the God’s photo part. Even my grandmother wouldn’t encourage that level of narcissism in me).

The wallet I use is from Steve Madden, which I got a couple of months back and I’m in love with. Believe me, it looks spankin’ new even today after my manhandling it. It is very roomy and carry a good amount of your cash and cards. I don’t know the model so I won’t be able to place an online link for it. I got mine from Ross Dress for Less.

  • Magnifying Compact Mirror

A small, compact mirror like this one is so handy for me. I use it just so that I keep clamping it open and close it every so often. Also, I need to keep checking on my face to see if I’ve got something stuck in my teeth.

It has two mirrors- one is a bit of a close up, and the other is the “meme level” zoomed-in close up. I have gotten scared sometimes when I accidentally look into the zoomed-in side, because I ain’t that flawless. It is not very light in weight, but doesn’t take up too much space or weigh my bag down. I use it way too often for lipstick checks when I’m in the car. I got mine from Aliexpress, but I’ve seen these at Daiso stores too.

  • Hand Sanitizer

I, for one, am a little particular about sanitizing my hands even if I touch a used dish for like, two seconds. Naturally, I wouldn’t skip on carrying a small bottle and the one I’m using is from some random brand.

The fragrance of this hand sanitizer is part alcohol and part dark floral. My husband does not like it, but I don’t mind the scent. It does nothing extraordinary, just works like a regular sanitizer would. I got it in Daiso for 75 cents, and so I am not complaining.

  • Sunglasses

It’s not always sunny in Seattle.. the lesser known cousin of Philadelphia’s catchy TV show title. And the weather is totally on the “hygge” side right now, i.e, comfort-in-cold for the most part. I still do need my sunglasses while I’m traveling, because my eyes hurt if I don’t shield them from the sun that eventually shows up in the noontime. I need them while parking my bum in the passenger seat, walking around town, hiking- you get the picture.

This pair in the picture above is a random one I dropped into my bag, and it’s okay. I got it for less than $5 and they don’t look cheap. They don’t protect my eyes like polarized sunglasses would, because who gives that away for less than the price of a lunch meal? I quite like the dark brown color, the leopard printed frames and how it also pairs with every outfit I wear. Even pyjamas look passable when I’ve got these on.

I got them from Aliexpress, and they seriously aren’t bad for the price at all.

  • Lipstick

I need to carry a lipstick around at all times. I wear it every time I go out, and grocery shopping is included here. I wear and carry pink-nude lipsticks most of the time, because I like to blend in most of the times. I don’t have one lipstick assigned to a bag, because everyone needs a fair chance at shining, right? I have been liking MAC’s Twig as a safe option, because it feels and looks good on me.

I also make it a habit to take the lipstick that I’m wearing along with a lip balm, just in case my lips look like parched, drought-struck ground. Without a good lip color, I feel naked. I know, I know- I shouldn’t feel insecure without makeup, yada yada. But I like my lips to wear clothes too, be civilized, wear pretty colored lip outfits. I got my MAC lipstick from Nordstrom.


That’s what I carry in my bag nine out of ten times, just like any other woman (or man, no judging) out there. But listen, I want to read your ‘what’s in my bag” editions too! So drop a link or even type your heart out in the comments section below. I’ll be waiting. 😊

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