Bad-ass Vibes Ft. Faux Leather Jackets.

“You look like you have a contract to kill!”, said my husband when he saw me. And I agreed with him, because I really was digging the outfit I had put together. I looked like a businesswoman who led a secret double life as a contract killer-cum-spy. I was happy, because I looked and felt confident.

img_0559The black faux leather jacket that I wore gets the credit- it amped up the coolness quotient. But before we jump into how I styled the foxy faux leather jacket, let’s get started with some background information.

Now now, I know you’re groaning and telling me to shut up with the rambling introductions. But that’s something I cannot ignore as a writer! Also, this is my blog and so I will write it, ha! ๐Ÿ˜›

Trying to be cute after what I said above.

Jackets are the best favor you can do for yourself, comfort-wise and style-wise. They are an obvious, non-negotiable item in any practical person’s wardrobe because-

  • You can stay warm while hunkered in one.
  • You can hide that food baby, without being asked how many months down the line you are.ย Plus, they conceal all that love pouring out of your body, from your bust and below.
  • You can add some structure and color to an otherwise drab silhouette or clothing palette.

If you are active on Pinterest and Instagram, you would no doubt see pictures of frail girls posing with oversize sunglasses, a dark lipstick and leather jackets. It is, after all, one of those ‘effortlessly cool’ clothing pieces to have.

Me, trying to look for some of that Pinterest magic. Nope, canโ€™t find it. ๐Ÿ˜

I consciously try my best to not wear leather for ethical reasons, and I almost always choose the faux leather variety instead. I’m also sensitive to price points, considering that I’m not employed and I try to stick within a budget. Keeping these two factors in mind, I wanted to buy a black faux leather jacket that- I could style day to night, and would keep me warm through the dreaded winter .

I had a few popular leather jacket styles to choose from- bombers, motos and quilted, to name some. I opted for a faux leather moto jacket, as it has that badass, biker-chic look that my alter-ego would wear, 24*7. I searched quite a bit for a good faux leather moto jacket that wouldn’t leave me begging on the streets.

And then, I had my ‘aha!’ moment. Suddenly, I knew right where to look for a reasonable priced, black faux leather jacket- a secondhand store.

Yup, I decided to buy a thrifted faux leather jacket and save some $$$. Not just that, it fits in well with my recent craze for minimizing, multi-purposing and money-saving principles. I’m not there yet, but I am already implementing these principles into my life in baby steps.

This post is thus dedicated to a great faux leather jacket that is animal-cruelty free, very affordable and all-round good looking.

NOTE: None of the products mentioned are sponsored or have affiliate links. All views and purchases are my own.



I was going out with my husband to the mall, because he was buying me some nice birthday clothes. (Which is tomorrow, yay me! :D) With the dropping temperatures in Seattle, this black faux leather fit in perfectly with the weather and the autumnal colors outside.

My jacket is of a moto biker style, and sits above the hip lengthwise for my 5’7″ torso. It has two zips on the sides and two zips on the sleeves, above the wrist. It also has ribbed elbow patches sewn on, buckle details on the back and two snap flaps on the shoulders. It is quite sturdy in construction, cradled my body against the cold and made me look like I had some style. A tough cookie, if you must associate me with something. ๐Ÿ˜‰


I got mine from ThredUp, an online consignment store where you can shop for some great secondhand clothes and accessories. There are a multitude of brands and designer picks, and they even state the wear condition of the item. I am very satisfied with the jacket, as it came packaged well and looking like it was brand new! I believe you can only buy one of each item or style, but I urge you to look around if you want an awesome clothing item for a good bargain. Not to mention, it encourages sustainability by giving a pre-loved item a new home. ๐Ÿ™‚


I wore a dark navy blue cotton sleeveless tunic underneath, tucked into my black mid-rise skinny jeans. I kept the rest of my outfit very neutral because I wanted a very streamlined, homogeneous look.

What I Wore:

Jacket- ThredUp

Tunic- Ross Dress for Less

Jeans-ย Kraus

Ballet Flats-

Earrings- Aliexpress

Bag- T-Shirt & Jeans


I wore a pair of navy blue PU ballet flats and bar studs as accessories. I also toted my beige crossbody bag, which I have worn previously here and here.

I love makeup, and always dress my face when I’m going out. I chose a rather grungy makeup look to keep up with the dark tones of my outfit.

  • Eyes- I went with a sheered out beige shimmer eyeshadow, jet-black kohl-lined eyes on both the upper lids and my waterlines. I finished with a good coat of mascara on my lashes to fan them out dramatically.
  • Face-I applied some concealer under my eyes and on some dark spots on my face. I set the concealed areas with some pressed powder.
  • Lips- Nude lips complement dark, kohl-rimmed eyes. I mixed two lip shades to achieve a nude pink lip.

Makeup Products Breakdown:

The aesthetic I was going for overall was “cool girl, edgy, comfort, effortless, stylish”. Do you guys think I achieved that, and would you style it differently? Do tell in the comments section below, and what you think about the ensemble. ๐Ÿ™‚

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