One Year Married.

A year ago on this very same day, I tied the knot with a formidable man.

Our story of how we met is something all Indians would know of- arranged marriage. To my non-Indian friends, let me explain how this concept works. In India, it is common to have parents arrange marriages for their children based on horoscopes. It is an ancient tradition that continues till this day, and it is not a bad practice at all.


In October 2015, my father told me that he had looked into the horoscope of this guy he was excited to introduce me to. I remember my father’s words clearly- “If you guys connect, let me tell you something- he is THE one for you!” I was skeptical at first, considering how I had seen the guy’s picture and he looked quite.. serious. I, on the other hand, am quite easygoing and don’t take things too seriously.

But upon my father’s passionate insistence, I decided to talk with this Seattle-based, Microsoft man with a very serious expression. And we did converse via Skype video call, which I thought would be a 30 minute talk at the most. Lo and behold, the conversation lasted for almost three hours!

We hit it off immediately, and this was the first important life lesson I ever learnt- never judge a person’s character by his picture. This serious-looking man was like a reflection, an extension of me. We were over head-over-heels in love with each other within a month, and I was dying to meet him in person.

And we did, four months later in February 2016. The much-anticipated India trip was in motion, and I waited with bated breath two days before his arrival. He surprised by me landing a day ahead of D-day, because he knew how much I love surprises. That one week we spent together in Chennai (my city) was blissful, and I cried straight for a day after he departed to Seattle.

We were in a committed long-distance relationship, and our marriage was in November. I had 9 months of torturous wait in between to pass, and I learnt a second important life lesson– relationships need efforts and patience to be nurtured and to bloom.

He made efforts to communicate with me twice a day for Skype video calls despite a hectic job schedule. We tackled emotional issues of separation through those nine months with much patience, knowing that this wait period would come to an end. Like any couple out there, we had our highs and lows, our laughter and our fights, all amplified ten times more with the physical barrier of distance stretching in between.

Time waits for nobody, and everyone’s time comes to fruition. On November 21, Mr A landed in Chennai six days before our wedding to meet me. After nine months of not being by his side, those hours we spent together were golden. We went shopping for his shoes and other things, had a fantastic lunch and spent time at home with my family. Six days later, he tied the thali around my neck and whisked me away with him forever. 🙂


Post marriage, we went on a last-minute honeymoon trip to Kerala because the previous destination trip tanked. But our honeymoon was seriously a well-spent vacation for the both of us, as we traversed God’s own country and breathed in its lush green beauty. We dined, we traveled and we made many memories. He brought me to Seattle on December 31, 2016 and I’ve made this place my home ever since.

Looking back, I see that we actually fought to overcome quite a few hurdles together- the long-distance separation, his EAD delay, the first honeymoon trip flopping and losing a lot of money, and the visa delay that led to losing even more money and our peace of mind for weeks. But we emerged victorious, and never let go of each other despite the troubles haranguing us.

And that brings me to the third important life lesson I’ve learnt- it’s a bad day, not a bad life. Today, I choose to look at the positive, truly awesome experiences that outweighed the negative ones.

We have gone on countless short trips together, hiked in several beautiful state parks, eaten an array of cuisines, watched different genres of movies together, cuddled in the mornings, afternoons and nights, made each other laugh till we cried, moved into our own home, cooked for each other, celebrated birthdays and festivals, made trips with friends.. we have made so many memories in this short one-year period.

And the best part is knowing that we have a whole lifetime ahead to count on, and bet on life together.

Mr. A,

You are the love of my life, and my biggest blessing. Thank you for being the other half of my heart, for adding the GYOR to my VIB, for tickling me with laughter and filling me up with love, holding me when I’ve broken down and assuring me that life will fall into line, for the endless support, for the never-ending memories.. for being the better half in our relationship.

I love you, now and forever. Though I could never completely encapsulate our essence into words, this post is dedicated to you and only you. 🙂

Here are a few (out of the maaaany) pictures of us that I love, in a chronological order-

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