Five Beauty Products That Disappointed Me.

Before I even start with the content, let me give a slight disclaimer out here- what might not work for me, might work wonderfully for you.

Now that its out of the way, I can begin peacefully. Usually, I write about beauty products that I really like to use and are on a positive note. Today, I want to shed light on these five beauty products that have been gathering dust in my vanity corner.

I have used some just once, and some a little more than once. Ultimately, they failed to enhance my looks or just generally serve their purpose. With that, let’s take a look at the five products that disappointed me.

NOTE: Some products were sent for product testing purposes, but opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links, so I make zero profit. 

1.Essence Superfine Waterproof Eyeliner

img_1506Essence, I love your affordable and good quality makeup products. But this one was just a screaming NO for me. My decision to buy it a few months before, was after reading good reviews online, promising a good liquid eyeliner at a dirt cheap price. And so I did pick it up at my local supermarket for under $5, and I was quite excited to try it out. When I got home, I immediately swatched it on my hand with bated breath. And here’s how it looked then and to this day-

img_1471Just to be clear, the thin swatch on top is the first swipe with streaky,  uneven pigmentation as seen by the transparent bit it left behind. The swatch below was after three swipes, looking somewhat black enough. But it was a whole other level of horror when I applied it on my lids.

img_1476Can you even see the applied liner anywhere, or am I the only one missing something here?! It left a very watery, non-pigmented line behind that is not even good for “no makeup, makeup” looks. I have tried to make it work in the past, by going over twice with the liner. But it only managed to remove the previously applied liner beneath. Wow, right? Needless to say, this one is a hard pass for me.

2.Maybelline Color Sensational The Buffs Lipstick, Stormy Sahara

Maybelline is one of the most reliable and well-known drugstore brands out there. I have brought lipsticks from them in the past, and they delivered so well. But this one, it just sank like the Titanic. I was sent this lipstick for product testing purposes, and was actually excited to try it out.

But do you have those moments when at the first glance, you can tell something is wrong? I felt that acutely when I held the lipstick in my hand, and knew the first thing that would clash.

It was the lipstick color, which is a cool-toned beige nude. I applied it hesitantly, and hated the way my lips looked lifeless.

img_1482While the product testing company is not at fault for sending me the wrong shade of nude, Maybelline surely is. The application of this lipstick is just… UGH. It was so patchy, streaky and not well pigmented. My lips felt dry in its creamy finish, which is quite odd, don’t you think? If I layered it twice for more opacity, it moved and clumped a little on the inner part of my lips. Not a pretty look at all, and so I haven’t used it ever since.

3.EOS Lip Balm-Vanilla Mint

img_1487EOS gets 10/10 for its cute, pastel blue striped, egg-shaped click packaging for this lip balm. But it gets 1/10 from me on its other factors. A lip balm is supposed to hydrate your lips for all seasons, and keep your lips from chapping underneath the lipstick. Did this lip balm do that? No and no.

img_1492.jpgIt applied very waxy, stayed atop my lips uncomfortably without any moisturizing and didn’t work so well underneath the lipstick. I have used it twice or thrice, but always felt very let down when it didn’t work. I wouldn’t recommend this drugstore lip balm to anyone.

4.Forever 21 Facial Cleansing Pad

img_1496.jpg“A facial cleansing pad for $2.90?! Sign me up!” is what I thought when I bought it around January. That very night, this eager beaver of a blogger decided to put her liquid cleanser on top of the pretty fuchsia cleansing pad. She wets her face, then swirls it around and.. she turned into a pumpkin! Kidding, it did nothing to turn me into anything.

Yes, it didn’t lather the cleanser on my face, it didn’t help in any deeper level of cleansing.. just zilch. It didn’t hurt my skin, I’ve got to give it that. But I have nothing else to say of a product that does nothing but look aesthetically pleasing in your vanity. Oh what a shame, what a shame..

5.Garnier Pure Clean Detangler + Air Dry

img_1508This was yet another product I received for product testing purposes, and the verdict’s out- just don’t. By that, I mean it is a waste of money to buy this product whatsoever. It claims to be enriched with aloe vera, is silicone and paraben free with a vegan formulation.

The purpose of the product is to air dry without tangles or frizz, but it did just the opposite for me. After a shower, I sprayed the mist evenly on my damp hair and combed it through, as instructed on the bottle. The first worrisome thing that happened was that my hair felt scrunchy and coated, like when you use too much of hairspray.

The second and final thing (Thank God!) that happened was that it did air dry my hair, but it felt rough and frizzier than usual. Wait Garnier, was this some kind of prank you devised for poor, gullible women like me? Am I being punk’d? Now it sits atop my bathroom shelf, waiting to be used. But I don’t think I’m going to be using this after than one time. It was like a one night stand gone wrong, only for my hair.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s take a final look at the products that failed to perform-


The reaction on my face, wearing some of the products mentioned above-



Do you have any beauty products that disappointed you, and do you wish to warn me about it? 😛 If so, drop in a comment below.

Until next time, see you soon.

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