Minimalist Fashion Lookbook-Winter Edition.

Hi guys,

I know I haven’t worked on a blog post here in a hot minute (more like weeks). But I have been working on my YouTube channel, because that is a new avenue I want to pursue as well. I’m coming up with a post for y’all by this weekend, I promise. *angel halo emoji*

I’ve got a new YouTube video up on my channel here, on a winter fashion lookbook. A minimalist one, no less! I’m not a minimalist by any stretch, but I’m on board the whole “shop your closet” and “less is more” ships these days.

If you’re looking to break that “I’ve got nothing to wear” and work with a few classic basics, you might want to check my video out! Also, if you could be a total sweetheart and subscribe to my channel, I would be super zinged. šŸ˜€

Thanks for reading, and hopefully watching the video too. šŸ™‚ Until next time, see you soon!

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