Indian Festival Makeup-Pongal

Hi guys,

This is just a quick heads up to let you know that I’ve got a new video up on my YouTube channel! 🙂 I filmed the look ahead of Pongal, an Indian festival celebrated back home. I will, of course, incorporate a bit of the traditions here in Seattle too.

But here’s the thing about this makeup look- you can wear it with pretty much any outfit or for any occasion. Yes, it’s that wearable and also quite easy to recreate. Plus, I sneaked in one detail right there into the video- I used the ‘Maybelline Nudes’ palette as a multipurpose beauty product.


Watch the video to know how I created this wearable and subtle glam makeup look, and the products I used:

If you were a nice bunny and watched the video, thank you so frikkin’ much! 😀

If not, please do have a look because it might be your next go-to makeup look, who knows. 🙂

Don’t forget to subscribe while you’re at it, I promise I won’t disappoint! And, you would be technically helping me grow my channel and reach more people with my content. 🙂

Do look out for my next blog post, coming sooner than you think. 😉

Until next time, see you soon.

10 thoughts on “Indian Festival Makeup-Pongal

  1. Def a simple but lovely look for Pongal! My parents are already hyped for the festival haha. Need to figure out the outfit Ill be wearing but Happy Pongal in advance girl 🙂 ❤


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