Winter Mood Board.

Hello to one and all reading this! Okay, I feel like a jolly 50-year old British man whenever I say that.

I hope you had a kickass week and a relaxing weekend ahead of you. A long weekend begins here in the US from today evening, so that means three good days of spending time together for my husband and I. What about y’all? Drop it like its hot in the comments section below. (Wow, I tried so hard to sound cool there.)

There are just a few things that I like about winters, and no, the ass-freezing cold isn’t one of them. I’m sure there are a majority of you here who would rather stay home rather than becoming a walking icebox outdoors. So instead of chattering your teeth off in the numbing cold, settle indoors and give this a read. πŸ˜‰

Winter can be summarized in one dominant feeling- coziness.

It is characterized by hygge, the holidays and family time, comfort food, and more. But to me, there are a few images and feelings that I consistently associate with winter. And so, I thought, let’s collect all of them into a ‘mood board’ blog post.

This winter mood board has pictures from my own day-to-day life. I’m sure you can definitely identify with a few or most of them. πŸ™‚


Word Association:

Clothes & Accessories

  • Pajamas that you won’t get out of
  • Black turtleneck sweaters that hide that food baby and always have your back
  • Faux fur-lined boots to keep your toes warm
  • A cute beanie that makes you feel like a child
  • Gloves that your hands are happy to be friends with
  • Scarves that add style and warmth
  • Oversize coats that you disappear underneath
  • Tights and jeans day and night
  • Statement earrings to add some color and sass to dull winters
  • Fuzzy socks that you’ll lounge around in




  • Waking up to pancakes hot off the stove
  • Hot beverages to live for
  • Toasted bread that is like a mental hug
  • A home-cooked meal from your traditions
  • Fudgy brownies to satiate your deep cravings
  • Delicious soup like your mom makes it
  • A sugary smile after a sweet afternoon treat like freshly baked donuts
  • A big bowl of Japanese ramen for the dreary cold
  • Oven roasted vegetables that taste and feel good to your body



  • Bold lipstick, because this night is all yours
  • Blushed cheeks that look like winter’s kiss
  • Thick eyeliner to smolder
  • Dark nail polish that demands attention
  • Contoured and bronzed skin to bring back the warmth
  • Long, hot showers
  • Glossy lip balm for no-makeup days
  • Hair left down and open
  • Also, messy hair buns
  • Lots of moisturizer for baby soft skin
  • Rich body lotions and body butters to slather on
  • Vanilla and cinnamon scents that make you deeply inhale and relax
  • Wearing face masks and doing your nails in a no-rush pace



Home, Outdoors & Moods

  • Snow days
  • Snuggling under blankets
  • Late mornings in bed
  • Baking treats at home
  • Reading books and magazines
  • Quiet afternoons indoors
  • Ambient and slow music playlists (Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol)
  • Falling slowly into a deep afternoon sleep
  • Working from home
  • Lit candles in the evenings
  • Coloring books
  • Watching TV shows and movies late into night
  • Cuddling with your pet
  • Gazing outside the window with a mug of coffee/tea
  • Bundled up while walking in the city’s night lights
  • Board games with family
  • Sitting by the fireplace and relishing the calm
  • Doing nothing




What are the words and visuals that you associate with winter? Do let me know in the comments section below. πŸ™‚

I also have my own YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to here.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog post, as much as I loved working on it. πŸ™‚ Until next time, see you soon.

5 thoughts on “Winter Mood Board.

  1. I loved this post! You. You spoke about everything I love about winter and more.. hot drinks, turtlenecks
    Sitting by fireplace, candles .. ahhh. And I adore all the pics with the post. This was such a heartwarming post 😘😘😘


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