Style 101-Five Neutral Outfit Color Combinations.

Hi guys, I hope you all are having a great week so far! And with the weekend just a few hours away, I’m sure you all are pumped. Time to kick back and do nothing, yay. 😀

Today, I want to write about five color combinations that I can totally vouch for and see working for anyone. Now now, I’m no fashion student or expert. But I do have my own two cents to think about and dole out in written word. And so to describe it, I’d say: “Bangin’ but classy”. Men, women, the third-gender, pan gender, children- these color combinations would flatter any individual.

I would classify these as neutral color combinations for putting together quick and presentable outfits. Each color individually is versatile enough to get a lot of wear out of, so that you can save some $$$ while you’re at it.  I’m showing you examples from Pinterest and Polyvore to illustrate my points better.

Well, let’s jump right in and look at the five color combinations that always work for you, not the other way around.

Blush & Navy

This is a beautiful color pairing for winter and spring seasons, when there is something cool toned about the weather. Despite the colors leaning cooler, they still add brightness to suit warm skin-toned people.

Blush has been the color crush for about two years universally, and understandably so. It is a subtle and feminine color, with an airy quality to it. When you combine it navy, which I associate as a unisex color and carrying more strong, serious vibes- you have a winner.

Blush and navy outfits are perfect for business formal and business casual work environments, formal occasions and even casual outings. You can opt for gold or silver accessories to add more bling to the staid outfit.

Look 1:

"Classy Lunch Date" by highfashionfiles ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Lavish Alice, Hermès, Jimmy Choo, Lulu*s and Michael Kors
Source: Pinterest

Look 2:

Navy and blush business outfit
Source: Pinterest

Look 3:

Source: Polyvore- Created by me.


Black & Mustard

This is an outfit combination that I have personally worn and love. Black is the holy grail neutral color, and goes well for any occasion and environment. It represents sobriety, finesse, conventionality and elegance. It pairs beautifully with most of the color spectrum.

But black with mustard is a gorgeous and understated color combination that hits the nail on the head. Mustard is earthy and subtle, the very synonym for fall season. Black and mustard outfits are great for fall and even winter seasons, because there is a certain warmth in the pairing.

Black and mustard outfits are suitable for casual and formal wear, but can be dressed up with gold toned accessories to hike up the warm tones.

Look 1:

"Untitled #2826" by theeuropeancloset on Polyvore featuring Plakinger, Chloé, ASOS, Miu Miu and Made
Source: Pinterest

Look 2:

#spring #fashion #outfitideas | Black Jacket, Top and Loafers + Mustard Pants | Angelica Blick
Source: Pinterest

Look 3:

Outfit Posts – Daily outfit posts. Mix of professional, casual and travel outfits with the occasional packing list. :)
Source: Pinterest

Light Grey & Cream

Like the grande dame’s coiffed hair and her set of gleaming pearls, grey and cream come together to serve you as the very image of elegance. This color combination brings together cool and warm colors, and can be a little tricky to pair. But when done right, it works like magic.

Light grey is unconventional, casual and gives away any faulty lines or spots easily. Cream, on the other hand, soothes you with its traditional, more formal and adjustable vibes. Light grey and cream together need an additional dark or bright colored accessory to pull the look together, as it will otherwise wash a person out.  Season wise, I would say this fits in with winter’s cool climates and even brings a soothing touch to summers.

Look 1:

Oat-colored Pants and an Over Sized Light Grey Heather Sweater with a Dark Scarf, Earrings, and Brown Boots

Look 2:

Grey & Cream Summer Outfit. by maha141193 on Polyvore featuring Hollister Co., Gap, Columbia, Converse, Miss Selfridge and summerfashion
Source: Polyvore- Created by me.

Wine & White

Wine and white is a very classy color pairing, in my opinion. The premise to look effortlessly chic is dark color + light color, because this is the simplest and most beautiful contrast effect. The color wine is sensual, confident, and mellow; while white is classy, expensive and a tell-all-show-all hue.

So, this combination is for telling the world that you’re ready to show up, seize the moment and walk with sass. Wine and white outfits always have an air of looking a little dressy, so you don’t have to worry about looking sloppy. They are best used for those fancy restaurant brunches and events, business casual outfits, and even dressy-casual days. I would typically classify wine and white as winter colors, because they blend in with the chilly and cool-toned environment. But they would be a great pick for long summer days at the beach and the park too, because there is a contrast of cool tones and warm weathers.

Look 1:

"Mini- skirt outfit" by kennedi7970 on Polyvore featuring Converse and MANGO
Source: Pinterest

Look 2:

Wine & White by maha141193 on Polyvore featuring Chicwish, Abercrombie & Fitch, WearAll, Catherine Catherine Malandrino, winterfashion and fallfashion
Source: Polyvore- Created by me.

Brown & Beige

This is the color combination that you want to opt for if you want comfort. Like a bowl of hot and creamy soup, the cozy blanket that you love to wrap yourself in, the book to get lost in while on the couch.. brown and beige is a very safe but underused color pairing.

Brown signifies being conservative, comfort zones, and stability. Beige is calming, earthy, unassuming and chic. Pairing them together is a recipe for understated elegance and blending in with the crowds. Rose gold and gold toned accessories look stunning with this color pairing. Brown and beige are year-round colors, and that means, they are the best bet for wear in all seasons. Bonus points if you parade a brown and beige outfit combination during fall season, because that’s when the comfort factor peaks.

Brown and beige outfit by maha141193 on Polyvore featuring Chicwish, JustFab, LC Lauren Conrad, NudeTones and neutraloutfit
Source: Polyvore- Created by me.


Are there any color combinations that are your go-to? Let’s talk in the comments section below. 🙂 Please do check out my YouTube channel as well, which is right here!

Have a great weekend and until next time, see you soon!

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