Recent Beauty Favorites.

Today, dear readers, I’m talking about the beauty products which never left my side during quick fix emergencies and good times equally. I would say that they are the true MVPs in my beauty arsenal, as of recently.

When I say recently, I mean a month and more of loving these beauty products. It actually feels like light years since I’ve been using them, but I can’t help but fall for them over and again.

Two of the beauty products I’ll be talking about have gotten honorary mentions on my blog and my YouTube channel. The other three are relatively newer visitors in my life, but have already left an impact on me.

Since I am in a rather ‘get-to-the-point’ mood, I will start listing the beauty products that have had my heart these past few weeks. Let’s ride through this, shall we?


Sally Hansen ‘Strobe Light’ Nail Polish

img_3205I have quite a few nail polishes in my collection, but this is the one I gravitate towards all the time. You know how they talk about a person who keeps reuniting with their ex, and can’t get over them? Yeaaaah, that’s me and this nail polish from Sally Hansen.

img_3207If this nail polish had a personality, it would be ‘delicate waif-meets-artsy millennial-meets party girl’. A moment of silence for what is the most unpolished way of praising a beautiful nail polish. Geddit? Unpolished.. nail polish.. okay, I’ll stop.

‘Strobe Light’ is a beautiful glitter-laden clear nail polish, with rose gold and baby blue flecks. It applies clear on the nails, like I mentioned, but definitely brings that bling factor to the table. I would recommend this method of application for maximum amp: one coat of base color + 2 coats of ‘Strobe Light’.

img_2103It wears way longer than all other nail paints I’ve worn all my life, which I am still surprised by. And for reference, I wash dishes by hand vigorously every day. Still, it held on for dear life and sparkled on my nails. I would say that the staying power is upwards of a week, before chipping and wearing off.

If you’ve been coveting the ‘glossier’ vibe, i.e naturally cool girl with one delicate pop of statement, this is your go-to nail color.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

img_3203To this mascara, I want to ask: “Where have you been all my life? Also, y u so expensive? I crie everytiem ;_;”

Seriously though, this mascara is bomb diggity dot com. I have the mini, because, a girl is broke as always. But even the mini has lasted me well since December. It has a thick, drier formulation but coats the lashes so beautifully.

I have the washable variant, but it doesn’t feel like it will flake or rub off easily. I haven’t teared up to put it to the test, but I have a feeling it will make me look glamorous even when I cry.

It brings a lot of length to my lashes, but no so much volume. I prioritize length, and so I’m a happy girl. *That’s what she said* 😉 My most favorite thing about this mascara is how it feels like I’m not wearing any, but my lashes still look so fluttery. I’m going to feel so sad once it empties. But I will buy this again later. I won’t let it be the one that got away.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve

img_3208.jpgI’ll be honest with you: I’m totally in love with the dewy, natural, glossier look these days. There’s something so fresh and easy about it; it does symbolize us playing with what we have and enhancing it in the teeniest bit.

This salve fits in with that ‘au naturale’ aesthetic, and performs very well too. I use it as a lip balm very regularly, and so does my husband. A man who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about skincare likes using this salve for his lips; shouldn’t that say something about its potency?

img_2063-1It is moisturizing, and imparts the most beautiful shine to the lips when worn on its own. You can substitute it for a clear gloss, minus the sticky feel. I have worn it as a topper on other matte lipsticks, to get that pouty lip look. And it wore so well, without clumping up on my lips and removing the lipstick underneath.

I’ve spoken about my love for multipurpose products previously, and this one fits the bill 10/10. I have doubled up this rosebud salve as a blinding, wet highlighter and even rub it on my hand’s knuckles when they get dry. And not to forget, this tin has lasted me FOREVER. I’ve been using it so often since October 2017, and look at the amount of product still left!

img_3209So, if you’re looking for a long-lasting all-purpose salve, it doesn’t get better than Smith’s rosebud salve at 6 bucks a pop.

Revlon Colorstay Concealer

img_3210.jpgI have 4 concealers in total with me, but this is the one I reach out for the most. It is easily the best match for me first, skin tone wise. It matches my complexion in summers when I tan, and in winters when I seem to get paler. What sorcery is this? :O


I use Revlon’s Colorstay Concealer in Medium, which is a yellow-toned medium color with medium coverage. It is perfect for spot concealing, and looks like second skin once blended out. I have used it under my eyes as well, and it does a fairly good job hiding my dark circles. It works well with fingers, brushes and sponges; the best according to me is using it with a flat top brush.

The only con I would state is that it can emphasize dryness during winter season, when dry patches surface. But never fret, it’s nothing a little setting spray can’t fix. 🙂

Ciate London WonderWand Gel Kohl Eyeliner

img_3214.jpgEyeliner- the staple makeup item that women (and some men) love to have the world over. What’s not to love-the way it defines the eye shape, the sultriness it hints at, and how it can make one look a little more awake.

I received Ciate London’s Wonderwand liner in an ipsy bag in July 2017, and I was using it on and off. But it came into the spotlight again last month, and hasn’t moved out since. I love how pigmented and smooth it applies, with zero patchiness. Mon dieu, quelle pigmentation! *Shows off the little French I know*

img_3218img_3216It is a jet black eyeliner you can draw on with one swift move. And the brush at the end is pure magic- it gives the most precise but subdued cat eye flick even if you don’t have experience doing a cat eye!   

img_3219It doesn’t wear off easily, not even under water. I did a small test by placing a swipe of the liner under water, and rubbing my finger over the swatch several times. It hardly budged, and I felt like a proud parent seeing how it holds so well. 😛

Never letting you go, Wonderwand Eyeliner.


What are some of your favorite beauty products at the moment? Do tell me in the comments section; I’ll wait.

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Thanks for reading! Until next time, see you soon.




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