Style 101: Colors & Undertones

Hi guys, hope you’re having a great week so far!

I’ve recently been a lot into colors, and studying which ones would suit my complexion and skin undertone. As you know, the spectrum of colors are large, to put it simply. Just one look at the hefty Pantone formula guide, which is a color deck, will tell you the sheer variety of shades within each color. Shade-ception, anyone?

I love how a colorful outfit, bag, jewelry, shoes or even makeup can just transform one’s facade from simple to fancy. Take for example, a plain white tee and an unassuming pair of blue skinny jeans. Quite neutral and a crowd-blender, right? Add just a simple pair of tasseled hot pink earrings for example. Immediately, there’s an element of something fancy about it (look below for reference). Well, who knew!

Source: Pinterest

But if you’re into style and beauty, you are well aware of something called undertones in colors. If you’re not, don’t you worry! This is a guide from an amateur blogger interested in learning more about colors and breaking it down for others in the process.

Let’s start by addressing what I mean when I say skin undertones. It is the shading of your skin, subtle but a key determiner of what colors suit you well. I would say that it depends on your hereditary genes and geography (!) to a certain extent.

Have you noticed how certain colors make you look radiant, while some can make you look a little downcast/dull? Skin undertones at play there, y’all.

I’m only talking about colors in physical features and the wardrobe today. (I might do a colors and makeup post soon.)

Talking Undertones

There are three skin undertones that every person falls swoop into- warm, cool and neutral. To identify which undertone you fall under, there are two easy ways to find out. (Why do I sound like Yoda there? #starwarsreference)

  • Warm skin has yellow undertones, with the term ‘golden’ and ‘bronze’ best associated with it. Gold jewelry looks bangin’ on you, and if you look closely at the veins on your wrist in sunlight, it’ll be green. Also, you tan easily under the sun. You bronze goddess, you!

Skin color palette

warm skintone
Source: Brad Mondo (Youtube)


Celebrity example- Eva Longoria

Image result for eva longoria
Source: Google Images
  • Cool skin has pink undertones, and a silver or ash tone associated with it. Hence, silver jewelry looks striking against your skin, and your veins will be blue on your wrist in the sunlight. Not to make fun of y’all, but remember Edward Cullen in Twilight when he stands under bright sunlight?
    Image result for edward cullen twilight sunlight
    Source: Google Images

    That paleness is typically very cool skin-toned. Your skin burns under the sun rather than tanning. But y’all can rock pastels, like beautiful unicorns!

Skin color palette

cool skintone
Source: Brad Mondo (Youtube)

Celebrity example-Courteney Cox  

Image result for courteney cox
Source: Google Images
  • Neutral skinned peeps are the most fortunate of the three, I tell you. They can rock silver and gold jewelry, and pretty much colors at both the warm and cool polarities respectively. You’ve neutral skin if your veins appear blueish-green, and if your complexion isn’t yellow or pink. Olive skin tones, i.e, yellow undertones with a bit of green ashy tones, are usually classified as a neutral skin tone.

Celebrity example-Selena Gomez

Image result for selena gomez
Source: Google Images

In case you’re confused as to how to tell if you have yellow, pink or olive undertones, switch on the bathroom lights and stand under it with a mirror. Looking closely at your skin will reveal the coloring of your skin.

This is a trick that has showed me many times that I have strong yellow undertones. #warmskinforlyf

Now, let’s get to the fun part- identifying the colors in the spectrum and classifying them. Shall we? 😀


Warm Colors

Word association: Golden, Bronze, Tan, Sun-kissed, earthy

Season: Summer- evokes the sun and fire

Eyes: Brown, hazel, light golden brown, amber, green

Hair: Brown, honey, copper, bronze, red, orange, golden, auburn, strawberry blonde, caramel highlights


Primary- Dark brown, red, cream, camel, yellow, orange, olive, purple

Secondary- Mustard, bronze, golden yellow, copper, rust/terracotta, coral, teal, peach, chartreuse, banana yellow, orange-red, coral pink, peachy pink, ultramarine blue, lilac, red violet

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest


Cool Colors

Word association: Silvery, pastel, ice, unicorn, ethereal

Season: Winter- evokes the coolness of water

Eyes: Black, blue-green, light and dark blue, brown-black, amethyst, grey

Hair: Light blonde, platinum blonde, raven black, blue-black, pastel hair colors, ash brown, silver grey, rosy highlights


Primary- Magenta, Blue, Violet, Green, Blue-Red

Secondary- Rosy pink, navy blue, cobalt, fuchsia, pastel pink, rosy pink, blue, lavender, grape, magenta, plum, emerald green, turquoise, sea green and blue

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest


Neutral Colors

Word association: Universal, calming, adaptable  

Season: Fall & Spring

Eyes: Blue-green, green, hazel, caramel, dark brown (mix of warm and cool)

Hair: The trick here is to see whether your skin is cool-neutral or warm-neutral. Look at the veins and see whether the green or blue color is more dominant. If its blue, then go for cooler hair colors. If green, then go for warmer hair colors. You can rock both cool and warm hair colors, lucky you!


Primary- Off white, ivory, black, light grey, khaki, taupe, charcoal, mocha, tan

Secondary- Mauve, light peach, peony pink, apricot, jade green, blush pink, cameo green, berry, light blue, placid blue

Image result for neutral colors
Source: Pinterest

Here’s a broad overview of colors, seasonally:

Spring Autumn Color Palette Colors That go With Your Skin Tone Spring Summer Fall Winter Personal Color Seasons Colors Clear Spring Color Palette Color Summer Spring
Source: Pinterest

SOURCES FOR THE POST: Featured photo (, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6


I hope you found this post useful, because I totally enjoyed working on it! Are there any colors that you prefer in the color wheel, whatever your skin color is? Do let me know in the comments section below; I’ll tell you what’s mine. 😉

Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel, while you’re here. 🙂

Until next time, see you soon!

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