DIY: How To Create A Mood Board.

Hello blog fam, hope you’re having a good week so far!

I want to talk about mood boards today, because I’m just in the mood for it. Get it, mood board.. mood? If that isn’t the very definition of lameness, I don’t know what it is. Now that I’ve wasted a minute of your time with that unnecessary joke (which it isn’t, why do I bother), I’m going to jump right in about mood boards.

Mood boards are very effective as a visual tool for panning out your sense of ‘you’-that is, your likes, your goals, and your dreams. We are all visual creatures, whether we are dominantly left- or right-brained. Creating a mood board with pictures pinned helps channel the thoughts in our head in reality; hence we can clearly define what inspires us. Also, I’m a water sign and I can’t help but feel acutely. Ya hear me? 😛


This is the mood board that hangs in my room, where I create all my blog and YouTube content. I have it right up on the wall, so that I can look up to feel inspired and relaxed while working on something.

The mood board that I created also sums up my sense of fashion, beauty and my take on lifestyle. From my mood board, I deduced my style to be:

Image: Created by Me.

All the pictures tacked on my mood board play to my style sense that can be summed from the above image. Are you curious yet to know how I created my mood board? If your answer is a resounding yes, then let’s power through!

NOTE: There are a few affiliate links included below, and this would not be of additional charge to you if you do buy through them. It would help your girl save up a little bit, though. 🙂

Step 1: Find your muses

This is a very easy step to follow, because we all consciously or unconsciously favor certain styles and style icons. If you are one of the rare people who haven’t found one yet, fret not! Browse through Pinterest and Instagram, and you are bound to like certain celebrity and blogger styles.

I also want to note down something important here: not everybody is into fashion. So when I say find your muses, it can also be interior designs, food recipes and plating, cake decorating, architecture, etc. Whatever your area of interests are, you’ll find images of them online and offline.

I’m into beauty, fashion and lifestyle; and that’s what I’m going to be talking your eyes off about. I would say that you should be able to list at least three people whose style senses that you like. This way, you can find the common thread between the three choices that can pinpoint what gets your juices flowing. (Sounded a little dirty there, didn’t I?)

For example, I have written about my style inspirations previously and creating a mood board was a big help here. I spent time researching the styles of these bloggers and celebrities, and they helped streamline what fashion I veered towards.

Jeanne Damas and Emily Ratajkowski have made it to my mood board, because I like their clean and feminine styles. Find people whose style you’d like to see yourself wearing, or you do wear on the regular.

The idea behind finding style icons is not just wishing that you had their wardrobe. The mood board should help you simulate their style with what you have in your own closet.

If you do wish to own a certain piece in your wardrobe in the future, go for it! But do think in terms of the value it might add to your closet (is it classic or a fading trend) and whether it pairs with at least three outfit pairings in your current wardrobe.

Apply the same for beauty and makeup, and you’ll have the main outline fleshed out.

Step 2: Hit the magazines!

No, not literally.

If you have some magazines lying around your house, then super cool because this is the fodder for your mood board. If you don’t have any magazines, then I have a hack for you. If you download the ‘issuu’ app from your play store, you can screenshot pages from some free magazine copies and print it out for free at your local library.

I took home design cutouts from the free magazine I find in my mailbox, so yay to finding inspiration from unexpected places!

I am talking about creating a physical mood board here, so it is necessary to have pictures in hand. Browse at leisure through the glossy pages of the magazine, and note down the styles that you’d like to see physically on the mood board.

Next, cut the images carefully with a small scissor for more precision and neater silhouettes. You don’t have to be the best at this, just enough for the picture to look coherent on the mood board. Which brings me to the next step.

Step 3: Get a mood board

I bought mine at Ikea, and it cost me less than 10 bucks.

But I would suggest this particular one here, which I had my eyes on as well. But since I was on a self-imposed tight budget, I went with the Ikea one.

See to that you also buy enough push pins, so that you can use them as and when you want to add more images to your mood board.

Step 4: Start the pinning spree!

Have fun with pinning the cutout pictures on your cork board! Before you do that, I’d suggest hanging the mood board on a wall space which you can prominently see or often sit in front of. This way, you are always aware of what defines you.

And mind you, this is super handy when you decide to make a sudden impulse purchase online because of a very trendy piece. (I’m looking at you, small cat-eye sunglasses.)

Getting back to the step, keep a simple mental layout in your head when you start to pin the images on the board. Think of which image you want to lay out at the very center, and whether the images surrounding it are cohesive in theme.


Well folks, that is the way I planned and created my own mood board! Do you like it, and do you plan to create one soon? Let’s take this to the comments section below. 😉

I’ll catch on your this side of the world next week. Until next time, see you soon!



3 thoughts on “DIY: How To Create A Mood Board.

    1. Thank you for citing me; that’s an honor! 😊 I am in full agreement with choosing a wardrobe that you can rotate and wear all year round. Trends come and go, and ultimately create more clutter in the closet. Long term curated clothing VS short term trends, is the best way to really look at mindfulness while shopping.
      Bang on job with nailing each point! A very relevant article at a very relevant time!


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