My Go-To Spring Makeup Look.

Divine spring, the season of delicate flowers, femininity and youthfulness, is almost here. There’s so much color that nature displays in pride, and it feels like the grass and the trees are smiling at you.

To me, spring is moving away from winter’s gloomy and heavy aura. I was heavily incorporating winter’s aesthetics in my wardrobe, via dark sweaters, my black heavy-duty parka and chunky boots. My makeup, to channel winter, was all about ‘more is more’ to combat any signs of dullness from the weather.

During spring, I want to shed all my heavy layers and go bare. Freshness is the essence of spring, after all.

I’ve been unconsciously favoring the ‘au naturale’ look while applying my makeup. Here’s the order of makeup I’ve been wearing-

  • Moisturize my face, without fail.
  • Very light to no foundation OR dabs of concealer under my eyes.
  • Tamed brows and wearing an eyeliner sometimes.
  • Mascara is a must, but just one coat on my lashes.
  • Neutral, matte eyeshadow to add some natural coloring to my lids.
  • Lip balm, not lipstick.

On a few occasions, I even enjoy going completely makeup-free and letting my skin breathe. Something about spring tells me that it’s okay to leave my makeup behind, and embrace my features without a trace of added product.

But on the days that I make effort, these are my go-to makeup products.img_4205

There’s very few products to work with, and I enjoy getting that effortless “I woke up like this” look. The spring makeup products I’ve been using are-

1.The Makeup Revolution SophX Eyeshadow Palette is something I’m growing to love. During my first impression of this product, I was only kind of convinced that it was a nice palette for its budget-friendly cost. It has a beautiful array of matte and shimmer colors in warm and cool tones. It is a good day to night palette, with a great quality large mirror inside but the pigmentation is here-and-there.

  • For spring time makeup, I’ve been gravitating towards the matte mauve shades for my eyelids. It gives a pale rosy flush to my eyes, which I like because it looks soft and fresh. The two colors I’ve been specifically using for a matte, nude eye look are Tiramisu and Peaches.
  • First, I take Tiramisu (2nd row, 5th color) on my blending eye brush and move it in wiping motions from outer corner to the inner corner. I pay specific attention to the crease right in the mid eye-socket area, because I feel that it adds more depth to my eye shape and makes my eyes look a tad wider.
  • Next, I pat Peaches (2nd row, 6th color) on my lid space twice over in sheer layers for that sweet rosiness. The end result is quite natural looking, and nobody can really tell that you’re wearing eyeshadow!

Makeup revolution sophx eyeshadow palette

2. I am in love with Essence as a brand, because they have some high-performance makeup at very cheap prices. Essence ‘I love extreme volume’ mascara is a great choice for plump looking lashes, with less focus on lengthening. I apply a single coat of it on my lashes, wiggling it from bottom to top. It makes my lashes look like they are naturally long, and I ain’t complaining!


3. Another Essence product that I keep going back to is their ‘make me brow’ gel, which is the quickest product to use. I have the shade ‘brownie brows’, which is a neutral dark brown gel. I brush it upwards on my eyebrows for a feathery and fuller look. Something to note about this brow gel is that it does feel a little stiff a while after it dries down, but nothing major. It has a very affordable price tag and definitely stays put for a long time, so that’s a win-win for me.


4. I have been using Bare Minerals’ Original Loose Powder Foundation as my base product, and forgot how much I used to love it last summer. I am in the shade ‘Golden Nude’, and it seems to suit my complexion whether I’m tanned or not. A little goes a long way with this mineral powder, and it gives medium coverage.


I use it with Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, and it blends beautifully without looking powdery or cakey. I’ve been making sure that I’m sheering out the coverage by buffing it all over my face carefully. Another thing I like about this Bare Minerals’ mineral foundation is that it neutralizes my dark circles, lightening a little bit. I can see myself using this into summer as well.

5. I haven’t been using a lot of eyeliner for a while, because I want that aforementioned fresh-faced look. But when I do, I use the Ciate Wonderwand Kohl Liner in a jiffy, especially so because of its angled brush at the end.


6. Finally, lips- I am having a tinted lip balm moment right now. My lips feel chapped and colorless, and the ELF tinted lip balm resolves both issues for me. I use it in the shade ‘smoochy spice’, which is an MLBB shade for me. It goes on waxy like a balm, but imparts a pretty nude peachy brown tint. I got it off ELF Cosmetics’ website during a sale for less than a dollar, and I’m glad I got it for a steal.elf tinted lip balm smoochy spice

This is the final spring makeup look that I’ve been wearing. img_4112




What are some makeup products that you’ve been using a lot recently? And is there anything new you plan to get for Spring? 🙂

I’ll see you soon in this side of the world!

9 thoughts on “My Go-To Spring Makeup Look.

  1. I LOVE Essence Make Me Brow! I discovered it through Ipsy and was pleasantly surprised. I use it every day and it perfectly fills in my brows. Nice post, you look beautiful.

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