Easy, No Sew DIY Floral Summer Bag.

I’m not the best DIY person out here, but hey, I tried this one and it turned out just fine.

I’ve been seeing the straw bag pop up all over my Instagram and Pinterest feeds. Gorgeous, tanned women holding these simple and beautiful bags, looking like the picture of summer.

I searched for straw bags too, but somehow felt like buying one would be not the best for me because:

  • I have plenty of handbags already.
  • A straw bag is something I would use only for three summer months, and then it would gather dust in a corner.
  • Wait, $30+ for a straw bag?!?! Nope, I’d rather save the moolah and keep it for a rainy day.

“But the heart wants what it wants”, which Selena Gomez crooned, is very true. Somehow, my longing for a straw bag must have reached the Universe. Because lo and behold, I manifested a free jute bag during a recent trip to India. 😉

I was quite happy toting this jute bag as is, but the *creative* person in me (where tho) wanted to give this a pretty little makeover. I had some fabric scraps lying around, from some random impulsive experiments I had tried a while back. When you put one and one together, you get a freebie turned into a prettier freebie.

Much like a fairy godmother gone bonkers, here’s what I did to turn this rustic jute bag into a floral summer bag.









  • Ensure that the fabric scraps are ironed or at least not wrinkled. Go over with a steamer/iron box to smooth it out.
  • Hold the fabric scrap again the bag’s width and mark the areas where you want to cover with the fabric with a pen/marker. Just put a small vertical hyphen where you want to start cutting from, and put the mark at the end of the fabric scrap. img_5191
  • With a small scissor, cut a little further away from the marked area. This will see to that any zig-zag cutting can be neatly trimmed and then used.
  • Use the glue in thin, horizontal lines along the fabric width. Glue the fabric along all sides to ensure a complete grip later and press it carefully along the bag.
  • If one scrap of fabric alone won’t cut it, it’s okay. Just cut the rest of the leftover scraps into small squares or rectangles. Envision where you want to co-ordinate the fabric placements. Only then, paste it neatly for a uniform look rather than mismatched patches.
  • Let it dry for about 30 minutes. Aaaaand, you’re done.


I’ve pretty much carried this bag everywhere- from the beach to the grocery store. Here’s how I look with the piece de resistance 😛


The fabric is holding on very, very well on the bag and has not come off so far. If you have any bags lying around that you want to give a makeover, try this DIY out.

I must say, I finally understand how Cher finally feels in Clueless now. 😛



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