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A Case of Temptations.

Oh look, your local philosopher is back with a ton of wisdom you just needed to read about.

I’ve been on a streak of questioning many things these past few days, primarily my own intentions. The biggest reveal for me has been a key insight into my shopping habits. I have discovered that I’ve got a big, me-sized void in my life. And I try to fill it by buying stuff I don’t necessarily need.

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Really, I’ve been buying frivolous crap that are fancier versions of things I might already own and use. To satisfy my inner fashionista, my lust for possessing things, and the thrill of acquiring something new are just reasons to justify this habit.

Shopping has become a compulsive habit developed over the years, and the impulsiveness bothers me. I might have not even thought of buying a black quilted crossbody bag a few weeks or months back. But over the last three days, I seem to keep dreaming of owning one. I already have a good black satchel that I get good wear out of, and is more than enough for me. Yet, I yearn for adding another handbag to my collection.

Okay, I feel way better now that I’ve now got it out in the wild- I might have a collector’s mentality. I wish I could be one of those women who were so content with just one handbag in their closet. Alas, I am not one of those rare birds with that kind of talent.

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By this point, I am rambling to myself with no pointers or helpful suggestions in sight. But if you would take some pity on me, do stay on here and read. I’ve got some questions and thoughts to air out in the public. I’m curious to know if any of you do or feel the same. Right, let the probe begin.

  • Am I the only one who wants a newer or slightly different design of the same thing I already own? Case in point, my sudden lust for a black quilted crossbody bag when I already have a neat black satchel I use. I don’t even go out that often or work, so why do I need one more black bag in my closet? Ditto lipsticks, because I just need to own 20 different ones for sanity, right?

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  • I have trouble sticking to my shopping resolutions and have to put in a lot of willpower to NOT buy something. My impulsiveness made me spend a lot of money last year, and my spending habits have changed a lot in 2018. But I wonder if anybody else drops into a store to “just browse” and then suddenly finds 5 different products in their cart?
  • The obsession I get when there is some product I see and want, and waste my time pondering whether I should buy it or not. I have wasted so many minutes doing this, and I still do it till date. And if and when I buy it, the appeal dims down a lot and I’m back to being normal and kind of bored. I hope I’m not alone here, because I feel stupid as hell for doing that. -_-
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  • The guilt and envy, interchangeable, when someone can afford to splurge on shopping trips and I feel the desire but have to restrain myself. Oh my god, this is a very complex emotional state that I get into when I go shopping with others. By this point, I’m past embarrassment in admitting this and just wishing that others would sympathize with me.

I am a hypocrite, only because I recently even wrote a post about comparison and seem to oppose myself. But I am a paradoxical mess and want something but do another.

This was a rant, more than anything. I’m sorry if I wasted your time and cluttered your feed with this post. But I’ve got a case of the temptation bug. Can someone pass along a box of the cure, please?

Do you as well go through what I wrote about? Whether you agree or disagree, please talk to this slightly insane human in the comments section below.

Until next time, see you soon with hopefully useful content.