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My wonderful readers, thank you for the good response to the previous collaboration post! Today, I have another talented blogger with gorgeous curls to boot, and she’s here to let us in on her secret to great hair! Presenting… Mikayla from who is also a #veganblogger!

Alright, let’s read what she has to say in today’s blog post:


Hi! I’m Mikayla from I am a curly-haired lifestyle blogger from the Caribbean who has a lot to say. Today I’m here to talk to you about my hair routine. It should be noted that I am still in the process of switching out my products so not all these items are vegan.

Typically when I get asked about the products I use in my hair, I try to keep it simple because well…there’s a lot of them. But today, I get to expand and I couldn’t be more excited (I’ll try not to ramble). So let’s start off with wash day.

With curly hair, wash day can either be a hit or a miss, depending on how it’s done. I like to start off with my shampoo and conditioner from Hask. This is by far the best shampoo and conditioner duo I’ve tried yet. It works wonders for my curls! I like to detangle my hair while the conditioner is in it to cause the least amount of breakage.

First using a comb (to do most of the detangling) and then a brush (to help the curls to form better). Then, I usually scrunch the ends of my hair to get excess water out and I then proceed with styling.

Hair post 1
I typically use the LOC method when styling my curls: liquid, oil, crème. This helps to maximize moisture and prevent frizz. On damp/wet hair I use the Bella Curls leave-in conditioner as my liquid. This helps to define my curls and adds moisture in order to minimize frizz. It’s important to use a product which is water-based for the LOC method to work. I ‘rake’ this through my hair for even distribution and then scrunch.

Hair post 2
Then, I use this oil from Aunt Jackies to help seal in the moisture. I like to use the scrunching technique to apply this product. This multi-purpose oil is filled with so many great ingredients and is probably the most moisturizing oil I’ve ever tried.
Hair post 3
And lastly, I use this styling crème from John Frieda to help close the cuticles and prevent frizz. I also like to focus this product at my roots to add a bit of hold to my fly-aways. It’s super lightweight and doesn’t leave my hair feeling crunchy which is always a plus.

Hair post 4
In addition to the LOC method, I usually use a bit of sea salt spray. I like to twist my curls and then scrunch them to get the best possible results. This just helps to imitate those lovely beach curls we all get (and love) after a dip in the ocean.
Hair post 5
From this point onwards, I try to avoid touching my hair as little as possible as I allow it to fully air-dry.

After just about 100 hours (I may be exaggerating…but only a little), my hair is finally dry! At this point, I use my afro pick to give my hair a bit more volume. I also like to spray a bit of hairspray to help hold my hair in place and to help me fight the battle against humidity.  My favorite is this one from Garnier.

Hair post 6
And that’s wash day. So what about the other days of the week?
I typically wash my hair once a week and only ever pass a brush through my curls on that day. Otherwise, I’d have a frizzy mess for hair. So throughout the week, I like to spritz my hair with water and style, typically using the leave-in and the oil…a dynamic duo in my eyes. This is repeated almost daily until it’s wash day again.That’s about all I do with my hair.
I don’t use hair masks very often but when I do, I either use one from Hask (which are amazing!) or I use aloe vera straight from my plant, right before I wash my hair.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Be sure to head over to to read Mahalakshmi’s post!