BLOGGER COLLAB #3: The Unadulterated Joys of Travelling

Today, I debut the final collaboration post on my blog- it truly has been an awesome experience writing alongside other talented bloggers! This beautifully written blog post comes from Pavethrra of Candidspring, and she writes about a topic dear to her heart.

The Unadulterated Joys of Travelling

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” -Gustav Flaubert

Isn’t it so true? We are just tiny morsels of human life merely existing in this humongous world, where each place has its own significance and history. I have lived in India for almost 23 years and I all I can say is that I merely existed.

Travelling for me as child was as simple as where my parents took me to, what they wanted me to see and mostly where they could afford to take us to. I did not have any control over this process. My childhood comprises memories of travelling to hilly mountains during summers to cool off our vigorous lives and also mostly to temples only. I assume that my parents had different views on travel. I guess all they wanted to do was to settle down successfully in their business, build a house and secure their kids lives. Travel must have been a luxury to them. That’s why they travelled less and were not keen enough to visit different places.

But I beg to differ from this strategy of life. I do not want to merely live, whereas I want to make memories. I am a firm believer that settling down in life and making memories can go hand in hand.

Having a very understanding husband and a secure job here in Australia, gave me the freedom to plant my seeds of desire and longing to travel.

Mt Ainslie, Canberra

One of the purest joys of travel is the ability to break free from the routine 9am-5pm life. I mean, who doesn’t want to take a break and take a walk through the scintillating beaches or a drive through the verdant mountains or bucolic landscapes for that matter. The ultimate joy is not just to make memories but to be able to weave stories in the future where one could proudly say “been there, seen that, done that”.

Teggalang Rice Terrace, Bali

Having that couple time and to be able to share the incredible pleasure of being in a different place and to see things differently with the significant other is one of the other ardent joys of travelling.

Having to wake up not just in a luxuriant hotel but in a simple B&B with a view, a cruise through the countryside with the great views and stop for a coffee or hot chocolate in a café, to try something adventurous, to put that one foot forward and do something amazing that one  wouldn’t have done on any other normal day, all this sums up nothing but quality time that one gets to spend with their lovable ones.

Travel keeps me motivated, especially at work. Somedays, my vitality would be zilch, which makes it more difficult to continue my job. I would contemplate whether I should just quit or be a couch potato. Universally, most people despise their jobs and many need a motivational factor to continue what they are doing. For instance, few people would want to settle down in a big house and have a good life. It would be a dream for them which would propel them to work harder.

Blue Mountains, New South Wales

In my life, travel is one such actuating factor. Of course, I have other plans like having a baby, buying a decent house and all that. But travel takes my priority and also as I have said earlier all these can go hand in hand. At least that is what I believe.

Avoca Beach, Central Coast, NSW

I have been inspired by many travel enthusiasts out there and I want to inspire many others through my travel journey. I have taken my baby steps towards making effervescent memories. So whomsoever reading this, my tiny little suggestion is to go pack your bags, travel around not just to fancy countries, but to take the road that is less travelled and weave your own exuberant memories, for Life is short and capricious!

Hello, all you lovely fellow bloggers and readers, thank you all for patiently reading through my post. I hope you all agree with me that Travel is therapy! Now is probably the time that I should introduce myself! I am Pavethrra, currently living in Australia and happily married. I work in a data management corporation here in Canberra. I share a great deal of love for travel, fashion and lifestyle blogs. It has been just two years for me in this blogging world and I am discovering my interests on the go. For all you travel bugs out there, do follow me at Candidspring to hop on to my journey of life and escapade!