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A Guide to Vegan South Indian Food.

The crackle of mustard seeds in the earthy aroma of sesame oil, the taste of coconut blended perfect with pan-fried vegetables, the tanginess and the burst of flavors from a single pot of gravy-like Sambar.. is just touching the tip of the South Indian cuisine iceberg. I hail from Chennai, India and belong to a… Continue reading A Guide to Vegan South Indian Food.

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A Letter To Fitness.

Dear Fitness, You and I, we have had a complicated relationship in the past. We got off to a late start, when I was introduced to you as a chubby, self-conscious 20-year old. I carried curves and fat in all the wrong places, and I wanted to become thinner to prove to myself that I… Continue reading A Letter To Fitness.

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Stop With the Food Labels, Please.

I have a bone to pick with Instagram. You see, I love getting sucked into that social media app. I get lost in its 'Explore' section, looking at dozens of pictures, videos and feeds that fill it up. In particular, the food shots, because I love to eat and cook. But even my food feed… Continue reading Stop With the Food Labels, Please.