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Five Ways I Tackle A Creative Block

Hi guys, how have you all been? Oh, little me? I’ve been laying low on the writing part. You see, I have run into an old friend of mine- writer’s block. It’s been such a pleasure to have ideas and creativity dry out like a drought-ravaged well. (Even my sarcasm sounds parched)

In an attempt to coax my brain out of a temporary writing house-arrest, I’ve resorted to a few things. For sanity’s sake, I didn’t go militant and do a mental shakedown of myself. 

The primary thing I’ve been reminding myself throughout this rut- It’s okay to have a creative block. You go through crap to grow through it, isn’t it? 

With that in mind, I decided to use this pent-up energy to refine my blog and focus on other aspects of my life. I took this as a time to do at least a little of everything else. 

During this ongoing period, I am doing things that I enjoy and that stimulate me mentally. Without much ado, here’s what I do to tackle my recent creative block:

Clean The House


“Uhhhh, say what?” might be the mental dialogue in your head. The fact that I enjoy rigorous cleaning in and around my house makes me sound neurotic. To some degree, I am neurotic about stuff like dirty bathroom floors, dirty and cluttered countertops, crumpled sheets, and more. 

I find that spray of surface cleaner on the counter soothing, the wiping away of stains relaxing, the cleaning of a toilet bowl meditative, folding laundry satisfying, ironing clothes purposeful…  *Behold, the Monica Geller in me is alive and cleaning*

Forms of cleaning around the house that I enjoy doing regularly are cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the bathroom, folding laundry, ironing clothes, and cleaning up my closet and makeup.   

Despite the cringe-worthy way I feel about cleaning, I can assure you that it gets me moving and my mental stresses fade away for a while. With every surface cleaned and looking neat, I feel like I can put my life back together as simply.

Working It Out

If you haven’t read my post on my workout routine yet, whatchu doin?! Just kidding, you know that I’m just a silly blogger who thinks she is a tough cookie. But in all seriousness, I love working out and the high it gives me afterwards.

When I’m pushing myself harder during exercise, I surrender to the pain and the pleasure I feel when my muscles move. Exercise is said to have quite a few mental benefits too, such as- improved memory, better sleep, relieving stress, and boosting the mood. 

Now I know that not everybody likes to go to a gym, and I’m one of them. I workout fully at home in the privacy of my room, fortunately for others. Nobody likes to see a human resembling a baboon’s butt cheeks, I’m sure. Some other forms of exercise to not die but enjoy through-

  • Walking around your street for 15-30 minutes
  • Walking to a nearby store for any errands
  • Challenging yourself to climb a certain number of stairs each day
  • Jumping back and forth 50 to 100 times
  • Dancing to any number of songs like you’re the star

Make the old new


Think of an old movie, a youtuber or any other video you haven’t seen in a while. Or a food dish you have not eaten in what feels like forever. Does that suddenly make you want to catch up again? Revisiting older things we did comforts us because it feels familiar and easy to achieve.

So when I say make the old new again, I mean re-watching a TV series, recreating a recipe you haven’t eaten in a while, chatting with an old friend whom you haven’t talked to in a while… even browsing someone’s Instagram feed that you ardently enjoyed at some point!  

When I’m down on my creative energy, I want to get into a cocoon I know well. And by going back to the better of my old habits, I feel renewed enough to maybe try something new soon.

Eat Comfort Food For Your Body

I believe that there are two types of comfort foods- one for your body, and for your soul. Comfort food for my soul is the deep-fried snacks and decadent desserts of my dreams I treat myself to occasionally. Comfort food for my body is nourishing it regularly with a good balance of carbs, protein, and fat. When deficient on any macronutrient, it shows up physically and mentally.

In my case, carb deficiency makes me feel low on energy and tired. When I don’t get enough protein, I feel like I am hungry quite often and my hair isn’t looking good. When I don’t eat enough fats, my skin feels dry and looks dull. When I don’t eat enough vegetables, I feel constipated. *I know, TMI* 

Since I am able to break it down, I know that comfort food for my body is feeding it all three macronutrients but in a way my mind perceives as a decadent one. For this, I use texture as my key to achieving healthy but a comfort-food vibe. For example, I make a thick and creamy lentil and rice stew called khichdi for colder nights and eat coconut-laden dishes/avocado for that satisfying creaminess. 

Good homemade food with simple and nutritious ingredients is the ultimate comfort food for me. Reminds me of my mom’s cooking- and there’s nothing better in the world than that.

Read A Magazine

Lord-ity, this girl asks us to put our feet up on a chair and read a magazine! Not a book, but a magazine- how is that going to help?! Let me tell you a little secret here- magazines are a goldmine for a writer. 

Within the magazine’s pages, you will find headlines and pictures jumping at you- waiting to be written about in your opinion. You can get the idea to write a feature piece based off an article or interview, write a styling blog post based off a fashion page, obtain new ideas to experiment with for your next content piece… the options are there waiting in those glossy pages.

Besides getting information from a magazine, there is something beautiful about turning each page. The effort behind curating and editing the pages that come together spell-bindingly is worth browsing. So the next time you’re waiting at the doctor’s for your appointment, take a magazine of your liking and turn the pages leisurely. Let the images, the colors, the text and the content take over your senses.

Inspiration is yet to strike, iron-hot.