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Summer Mood Board.

Ah, we’re currently living it up in the season of the shining sun! I’ve written a winter mood board post before, where I let flow my tangible perceptions of the cold season. Summer brings with it a host of different sensations, textures and moods. So I decided to bring to life my cognizance of summer (ooh fancy) quite similarly to its colder clime version.
Jump right in, let us? *the poorest Yoda imitation ever*


Clothing & Accessories
  • Breezy cotton tees to linger lazily in the summer heat
  • Pretty floral blouses in bright colors that make you look like a garden
  • Denim shorts to let your legs breathe and move freely
  • Lace camisoles, tank tops and crop tops, because summer fashion is fiery 😉
  • That one pair of sandals for wanderlust, the one you wear everywhere
  • Snazzy sunglasses to block out the UV rays and the haters
  • Dresses that sway with your body and make you feel like a sweet summer’s dream
  • Hair scarves and hats to keep the locks shiny, secure and stylish
  • People in swimsuits and cut off shirts on the beach, sun bathing and relaxing
  • Dangling earrings, bold hoops and layered necklaces that bring your Pinterest dreams to life


  • Road trips with friends and family
  • Sitting on the beach, watching the waves ebb and flow
  • Hiking for the soul and feeling larger than life when you reach the top
  • Driving with the car windows down like a badass
  • Passport check, luggage check, summer travels galore
  • Soaking up the sun by a pool
  • Running like the wind under the shining sun
  • Happy dogs with wagging tails and their smiling human friends out on the streets
  • Cycling around and feeling like you belong in a vintage movie
  • Gardening gloves on; time to nourish and cherish the plants in your yard
  • Visiting farmer’s markets and grabbing fresh produce
  • Sitting outside on a chair- reading a book, taking in the late sunsets and colors around you


  • Smiling as you lick ice cream from the spoon
  • Feeling fresh after drinking a glass of cold fruit juice
  • Rejuvenating homemade smoothies after a workout
  • Gorging on watermelon slices during warm afternoons
  • Falling in love with wholesome vegetables and fruits
  • Iced tea and trashy tv, anyone?
  • Light soups for your summer body goals
  • A pretty jar of water with ice cubes for extra hydration
  • ‘Frozen yogurt for dessert’ club
  • Strawberry and blueberry season, all the way
  • One slice toast with avocado and another with jam, because #balance
  • Tortillas and pico de gallo for crunch and munch sessions
  • Cucumber slices for the tummy and for the eyes too, natch


  • No makeup days aplenty
  • Owning that summer tan
  • Cleansing and light moisturizing for the win
  • 1… 2… 3! *empties half the bottle of the face mist*
  • Two words- aloe vera
  • Lip balms to hydrate and subtly add a ‘no makeup’ tint
  • Lip gloss to make lips look juicy and being extra
  • Full brows and siren red lips- summer spicy!
  • Winged eyeliner and nude lips- cool cucumber for summer
  • Bronzed to the gods, with glowing skin and shoulders
  • Bright eyeshadows and nothing else
  • Have you heard of a highlighter, my dear? 😉


What are your favorite things to wear, do and eat during summer? Let’s talk in the comments section below.

Until next time, see you soon.